I’m Just Not Going to stay as long as Sharon


Remember me telling you that my late friend Sharon decided her final resting place would be a cryogenics tube?

Well, I’m going to try something a little more short term, cryogenics therapy. It’s a term I’d never heard of until a couple of days ago when my architect was here taking photos for his portfolio. I asked him how biz was going and what he was working on and he said he was involved in designing/redesigning the studio space for Nordic Cryotherapy in Eastchester. [NOTE: the website has an annoying autoplay audio component: I muted it]

Cryotherapy, what’s that? So I googled it and was intrigued.

Here’s Nordic’s explanation of what the Whole Body Cryotherapy is:

The WBC uses gasiform nitrogen to lower your skin surface temperatures penetrating about 1mm deep (external temperatures to -250 degrees Fahrenheit). This then acts as a stimulant to your regulatory system causing vasoconstriction or your body’s defensive mode. Your blood quickly travels to your core organs which is then enriched with oxygenated molecules. When stepping outside of the machine, the re-perfusion starts and supplies areas of your body needing repair. This process also burns hundreds of calories and boosts your metabolism. First, you will be provided gloves, socks, slippers, and a robe within a dressing room and asked to leave under garments on. You will then be directed towards the machine. You will be asked to take off robe and step into the machine. The door will close and your head will be above the opening of machine. The nitrogen will then be turned on and the cooling effect will begin targeting from the neck down. Your cryotechnician will stay with you throughout the entire process and will explain all aspects of the machine and its effects.

This treatment is completely safe. It actually has been around for more than 30 years without any severe adverse reaction ever recorded when used appropriately. As mentioned above, a cryotechnician will be present at all times, you can swing open the door at your own will, and the machine shuts down after 3 minutes no matter what.

I might start out with a Localized therapy session…

During the LC treatment, depending on the location of inflamed joint, you will either be laying on your back or flat on your stomach. Compared to the WBC, you will remain in your own clothes while laying on the massage table. The cryotechnician will have a hand-held device in which he/she is trained on administering the gasiform nitrogen through. The affected area will be the only location the nitrogen will come into contact with. This will last 3-5 minutes with just as cold temperatures as the WBC (-250 degrees Fahrenheit). This treatment is specifically geared towards a particularly area that is causing you pain and is considered less invasive for those that may feel uncomfortable with WBC. Many clients use this therapy after surgery, for an old sports injury, or an arthritic joint.

I can’t see any downside to this. My shoulder, despite several week of painful PT, and despite home strengthening, is not improving.. and my hips are getting some arthritis. Just shoot me now.

Anyone done this? Or know anyone who has done this? Is it a bad idea?

The sun is trying to come out and play. But it’s still chilly, sweater worthy. I’ve got plans with one of the kids today, maybe seeing the movie Megan Leavey, which has gotten some good reviews. The vet called to say Dawg’s ashes are ready to pick up. Otherwise, nothing major planned.

Happy Friday.


19 thoughts on “I’m Just Not Going to stay as long as Sharon

  1. Such a coincidence. A good friend of mine just did the localized process on her knees in Nordic’s location in New Canaan. Wouldn’t NC be closer than going to Eastchester?

    My friend signed up for a series of sessions with the hope of relieving some arthritis pain in her knees.

    1. No way. Had you heard of cryotherapy before your friend went?

      Yes the New Canaan location is close but I suspect it’ll be filled with skinny young beautiful women getting work on their face. I’d like some anonymity by going to Eastchester.

  2. We saw the Megan Leavy film at the Greenwich Film Festival. The 3 producers did a Q&A afterwards. It’s a good movie, a 2 Kleenex film. The next day it was having its premiere at Yankee Stadium. The first time a film has done that. You will love it and you have the Mara family connection to make it even more interesting.

    1. Thanks! I saw Katie interviewed this morning on Mornings with Maria and the Mara girls I know here say Katie shines in this role. I have kleenex packed.

    2. Loved the movie. I was the ONLY one in the theater so it was my private screening. Got to sob without being embarrassed.

      First time I’d been in the Landmark Square Bowtie. usually I go to the Bowtie on Summer Street.

      Kate did a great job – the peripheral cast was meh. Overall Rex stole the show, and so did the Yankees!

      1. Oh, I thought Common was great but I didn’t know it was the rapper till I saw the credits roll. You should have come see it at the Greenwich Film Festival, then you could have felt like you were “special” seeing it in preview!! We did!! ha ha.

        1. I saw the credits too and have only heard of Common so I had no clue who anyone was in the cast other than Edie Falco and Kate Mara.

  3. I’ve never heard of this cryotherapy. I have been wanting to try the opposite, infrared sauna, though. It’s weird that seeming polar opposite treatments claim to give similar relief (arthritis, pain, etc)

    What are your plans for Dawgs ashes? I ask because while cleaning out my mothers house, I found our dogs ashes (in a sealed box). 20 years past….I had no idea what to do with them, but didn’t feel right just tossing them. So, I ended up giving them to a family friend who buried them in his yard…

    The boys left for camp yesterday and my house is blissfully quiet!

    1. Good question Martha. I just walked back in the door, with the ashes in a box, in a purple bag. For the moment they are sitting on the kitchen counter. I don’t want the ashes buried on my property so the kids and I will have to come up with some way of letting the ashes go. Not sure yet.

    1. What a fabulous story and what an honor! Not a NYT reader anymore, I miss the rare time they have a human interest story – or a story, for that matter. This one made me smile. Thanks

        1. I wonder if fake Maxine was threatened by the “real” Maxine – always sorry to see parody accounts go – they amuse me the most.
          Now, as for this Woke Six year old….okay, but some misses. The Gillibrand story today is pretty awful – what is it with Dems who must fu**ing swear?? 🙂

        2. Spicier is far better than the Obama press secretary parody accounts. But I think it’s scientific, democrats have no sense of humor.

  4. I tried it about six months ago. I really looked forward to it, but came away very neutral. It may be one of those things that you should do a few times over a week or two to know if it actually works.

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