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Going to the Laurel Highlands area of Pennsylvania was new for me. Lots of history, lots of Assembly of God mega churches, lots of Trump signs, lots of bars, lots of barns. It was funny exiting the highway at Bedford – Bedford PA that is, and we passed by, but darn didn’t stop in to see The Old Log Church, on Route 30. 

Route 30 is also called The Lincoln Highway, a trip unto itself that would be fun, if you had a week with nothing else to do.


There are the PA tunnels…

The mega rest stops where you buy what you surely think will be the winning Power Ball tickets (and wasn’t)

The back up, thankfully going the other way…..

The new Tappan Zee is going up fast…

And this for your amusement….so many ideas – only a few printable. 🙂

Nice to be home. As much as I like Hampton Inns which is our preferred choice when on the road, their pillows are awful. White square bricks. I swear, next road trip, I bring my My Pillow!!

Listened to some of the Comey hearing on the car radio and my two cents is good riddance Comey. What a piece of work, calling the president a liar. Bitter disgruntled fired man, sure he was going to stay on for another few years. If he was ASKED by Loretta Lunch to not call an investigation into Clinton an investigation but “feels” Trump was telling him what to do by saying “I hope”, I repeat, good riddance Comey. Showboater.

Time to plan Part Deux of the summer road trips.



6 thoughts on “Road Trip, Other Stuff

  1. Rural PA went heavily for Trump so it’s no surprise you saw signs, other than it being odd they are still up.

    I only thought of two answers to vanity plate: Veterinarian. OB/GYN!

    1. After watching a few hours of tonight’s news coverage of today’s circus, I strongly agree.

  2. Made the drive from Pittsburgh back to CT after visiting Carnegie Mellon on the college tour this past fall. Did not see one single Hillary sign the entire way across PA.

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