Road Trip, Part 1

Mañana, Flight 93 Memorial, Shanksville PA. 


I’m trying to figure out how I can also see Fallingwater, an hour way from the Memorial and opposite direction of where I am staying. In checking the FLW house tour tickets, there is no listing for any tour tomorrow and all the In-Depth tours for Thursday, and for that matter, the near future, are all sold out. There are tickets for the regular house tour but I kinda figure if I’m going to see the place, it should be the in-depth version.

Tried to have lunch at the new Bareburger in Mount Kisco today, Closed. Said soft opening 5pm on. Seems odd that a chain would need to have a soft opening. That’s usually reserved for a one of a kind, friends and family to tell you if your restaurant stinks. Maybe they can’t get enough employees? We had lunch elsewhere, such a cold day that I ordered hot soup. And we were the ONLY TWO in the jernt, at 12:30, peak lunch time. I guess the rain kept people in their offices or at home but the good thing is we had great service!

I am NOT taking my laptop and a zillion other things to download photos to the blog. I’ll post Friday morning or if I’m home early enough, on Thursday evening.

Keep the place clean while I’m gone. Thanks.

7 thoughts on “Road Trip, Part 1

  1. Is it supposed to rain tomorrow and Thursday?

    I’d say happy trails but somehow it seems inappropriate to say since you are visiting hallowed ground. Wife says, bring Kleenex.

    1. Ya know, I haven’t bothered to look at the weather. I decided if I wait for sunshine, I might be here until autumn. I’ve got a rain slicker. I’m ready for whatever Mother Nature doles out.

  2. The in-depth tour of Falingwater is the only way to go so call them when you are in town because the website might not be accurate. It’d be a shame to be so close and not see it. What’s one hour when you are in the middle of PA?

    I hear the Flight 93 memorial is breathtaking.

    1. FYI: Fallingwater is closed every Wednesday. That’s why no tours were listed.

      I think a tour is better than no tour. I’d do it.

  3. I googled the Memorial website. Wondering if you could let us know if it tells the truth of what happened that day. Or does it offer a PC/sanitized version of the events.
    Have a great, safe trip!

  4. Oh how wonderful-your decision to visit the 9/11 Memorial. The people in that plane were ultimate heroes. I would rather visit this memorial where regular citizens gave up their lives for their fellow Americans, than any other place in our country. Please let us hear your thoughts while you were there🙏

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