Not today. And Not tomorrow.

The upside of a driving road trip is there are no plane reservations to change when the weather isn’t cooperating and man alive, the weather isn’t cooperating anywhere. Not the south. Not the midwest, and certainly not here, so much rain yesteday, and today, pea soup fog and mist.

The itinerary keeps changing and as of now, the first leg is confirmed…to Iowa, to hang out with my dear Iowa family, see their kids, all their grandkids, have a loose meat sandwich and do a day trip to see the Herbert Hoover Library, in greater downtown West Branch.

From there, it’s anyone’s guess and i think it’ll strictly depend on if the weather remains in severe mode.

The only good news about the rain yesterday was it allowed my brain to  be in Rest Mode. I was FRIED from Friday’s party straight into Saturday’s Wayback Machine trip to Greenville where I half-dreaded seeing my old classmates. Of course, as all of you said, seeing them and gabbing took away all the stress of not looking like I did in 1966 but darn if my first boyfriend didn’t look exactly the same. Gray instead of blonde, but exactly the same. I didn’t end up wearing the crab and lobster shoes because even though I did manage to have Prince Charming stuff my feet into them, driving six hours in them and standing on them in-between, seemed an unnecessary added torture. I’ll save them for a summer party.

This morning the caterers are coming to haul away all the trays of dishes and glasses and silverware and tables and my architect is coming too, he wanting to take some photos of the reno for his portfolio.

Let’s see what else – oh yes, my mom loved the iPad with the Audible app on it and I think I got her to understand how to use it, although she called yesterday to say the app was moving about the screen and had an X on it so I forgot to tell her she couldn’t press the app icon too long. Otherwise, yay.

Time for coffee and a day to pay bills. Speaking of which, one more time, I am having trouble with my gardener and her billing. She never sends me a bill after she’s been here – it was a full month ago that her guys came and spent the whole day weeding and prepping the beds for summer. Ten hours, that’s no at inconsequential sum of money. But I am always the one to email her and say Hey, can you send me a bill please. She always apologizes, sends the bill and we are good to go, but at what point is she wholly responsible such that I shouldn’t bother asking? If she forgets, isn’t that her problem? That’ll be your Monday Ethics Pop Quiz.

Have a good one and I hope there’s sunshine where you are – there’s ZERO here.

7 thoughts on “Not today. And Not tomorrow.

  1. Rain all day here for Miami today. 86 degrees, but rain.

    I’d remind the gardener. I know many talented workers who have zero skills in bookkeeping. If her men did the job, they should be paid.

  2. I was also on the NJ Turnpike on Saturday morning, heading to Atlantic City for a family gathering. I don’t know what time you were on the road but when we went, the rain was heavy making it difficult to see with all the car spray.

  3. Bah humbug to the weather! One of my favorite things about driving (there are many) is that flexibility/freedom to change your mind and schedule.

    I would probably remind the Gardener….I have the opposite problem with my trash guy, he habitually over-bills me about 30%. I used to call him up, and he would say, “oh, we will fix that, sorry!” But then the bill comes again, and at some point I just paid it to get it off my pile. Now, I’ve overpayed him by $600! He says he will fix it, but he doesn’t. I googled him, and he is basically a thriving liar, so now I’m in a pickle.

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