A Good Thing or A waste of Money?

Thinking ahead to all the driving coming up, we are debating about buying a 12volt car cooler. For making some sandwiches and having water bottles and other things to keep us away from the on-road eating fast food places.


Here’s one made my Igloo. Mixed reviews, some report noise issues, then there’s the what to do with the cooler at night, carrying it into the hotel, cords frying from overheating.

There are tons of brands at all kinds of price points but what we can’t decide if this is something we’ll buy and never use or buy and be happy we did. Anyone else road traveled enough to have experience? Martha????

24 thoughts on “A Good Thing or A waste of Money?

  1. I have one that I inherited from my mother. It’s a little mildewy around the edges, but the price was right! It’s old, maybe 10 years, so I’m not sure if newer ones are better. The fan is loud. And it is too bulky for our Florida trip, and the capacity is rather limited, despite its bulk. And, then you have to haul it in at night–but the one you pictured has a handle, mine doesn’t. If I were you, just hubs and me on a road trip, I would probably want one. Especially if you’re trying to eat well. We are starting a Whole 30 on Friday after we ship the boys off to camp!

    I realize I used and too many times, but I’m too lazy to fix it!😳

      1. Eating plan. Basically meat, fat and veggies, fruit. No grain, no dairy, no sweetener of any sort, no soy, or alcohol. Very clean eating. http://Www.whole30.com Hubs had suggested a fast, but I told him he was out of his mind. First time my babies are away!

        1. The No Dairy would be the only hard part of Whole 30 for me. No milk in coffee = serious headache inducer.

          I’m excited for you two to have the boys away for the first time. That’s always a great chance for renewal, not to mention how much fun the boys will have too. Enjoy!

  2. Skip the plug in cooler. They are loud and heavy to lug in at night. Depending on where you stay at night, take extras from breakfast buffet to satisfy any driving munchies.

    1. Agree with Austin. It’s not about the money even – they are a pain to carry and take up a lot of space in the car.

  3. We drove often to Arizona to meet up with husbands oldest golfing buddies and did carry with us a plug in cooler, older even than the one Martha’s mother gave Martha. Ours might go back to the first Martha, Martha Washington. It was in te day when cars didn’t have auxiliary 12v outlets like my car does today so we had to plug it in the cigarette lighter and drape the cord into the back seat. It was a total pain. The plus was I did make sandwiches every morning (ham or turkey mostly) and it did make quenching a hunger pang easier than stopping. Even a half sandwich at 10am was good to tide over until lunch. Does your car have auxiliary outlets?

  4. I have had several of these including the model you feature. They are rather problematic, in that they are noisy and draw lots of power, so only good when the car is running. Like a boat, best to have a dual battery system and all the control panel wiring to go with it.

    Higher end box/boat coolers like YETI will hold ice for a week.

    Count me in for the EOSr epic road trip.

    1. I’ve seen an ad for the Yeti in a gun magazine and wow, they look fabulous. I might just have to get one of those. Thanks for the info.

    1. I can see plenty of use for that style of cooler, especially that it’s lightweight and easy to clean out. Good suggestion.

  5. Just get a really good cooler. We have a soft side boat cooler, or got at a boat show. We put our frozen ice pack in from home. (You’ll refreeze at your friends house) When at hotel use the ice machine and a zip lock or two. While you are in your room put the cooler stuff in the room fridge. Or get one of the Yeti coolers. They claim to hold ice for days, they can be hundreds of dollars.

    1. Interesting both you and EI suggested the Yeti. We have many versions of coolers, mostly ones used for fresh fish caught onshore, so buying one specifically for travel is a new exercise. Thanks.

      1. The Yeti would be overkill for an Audi road trip. It’s meant primarily for rugged outdoor use, fishermen, hunters, etc. They are excellent quality but don’t buy one if the car ride is the only reason you need it.

    1. Uh oh. I can’t tell if this is for real or one of your Test EOS IQ links.

      If real, I hope the car comes with a Japanese chef and plenty of chop sticks.

        1. I saw the April Fool spoon ad so I ass-u-me’d the car feature was a spoof but those Japanese are awfully clever. And so are you.

        2. Hilarious. It took me several times to see the VV replaced the W. very clever, as is the Pink Panther like music of Snopes. Anyone good fall for the fake twitter handle? Please don’t say Trump.

  6. While you are waiting to head out west, why not take a day trip or overnight to the Flight 93 Memorial on ur bucket list?

    1. Hey Betty, are you a Russian spy or something? Has my laptop camera been hacked? I was JUST at the Fight 93 Memorial website, figuring I can (and should) do a quick overnight to Shanksville before Iowa. My Iowa family is having ac problems anyway and said I do NOT want to be there without any ac so I’ll defer that leg until they are ready to have me arrive.

      I was trying to determine if I see anything else while in that neck of the woods. The Johnstown Flood Memorial doesn’t appeal.

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