God, Now My Feet are fat????

In double What Not To Wear planning mode today, for tonight (easy) and then tomorrow, back to my home turf, Land of The Pink and Greens, I bought a new dress, a new fun little pocketbook, and some fun new shoes.

The dress, easy, a-line navy blue. perfect. Done. The purse, not the heavy hauler I usually lug around, just something small enough to hold kleenex (it’s a funeral I’m going to), my lipstick, and some gum.

The shoes, in my mind, complete the look. Most women notice other women’s shoes, maybe not first, but close to. Cute shoes always get noticed.

So I went The Whole 19807 Greenville Look and ordered a pair of needlepoint flats By Paige, in my 7.5 size, a size I’ve worn since high school. They arrived last week and to my horror, they were too tight. I called and asked to exchange them for 8s, which they did. The 8s arrived yesterday.

I almost didn’t bother to try them on yesterday but I did and what to my horror, damn even the 8s don’t fit. What the hell????


So I dashed to the cobbler in Mount Kisco this morning after Mavis (thank heavens there’s still a cobbler) and bought a shoe stretcher ….I hope and pray and hope and pray that by tomorrow my feet get slimmer or the stretcher works its magic.

I’m going to have to seek Plan B shoes but I’ve got nothing else this perfect for my navy blue dress and this purse, a Kate Spade fun camel number.


Meanwhile, the caterers are here, doing their thing for tonight. I can enjoy the day and enjoy the party. They sure did bring a heck of a lot of booze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Looks like the weather is going to hold up to fete outside.

Happy Friday!!!



4 thoughts on “God, Now My Feet are fat????

  1. Here’s an old trick models used to stretch tight shoes. Dampen a pair of socks in rubbing alcohol & wear the shoes around the house. It works!

    1. No way. That’s great. Only problem, I can’t get the shoes completely ON. My feet have gotten wider (regrettably, like other parts of me!)

      1. If you’re going to use the shoe stretchers just put a pair of the dampened with rubbing socks over them. The shoes will stretch & keep their new shape. Once you can get them on – repeat. That way they stretch to conform to your foot – bumps & all. I do it all the time with shoes I fall in love with & buy even though they’re a little tight. The shoes are adorable!

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