At Least No Horses Were Hurt!

Word went around town very quickly that on Monday morning (Memorial Day) a 19-year old flipped a Ferrari right in front of Sunnyfield Farm, the horse farm here that I always blog about.

This is what’s left of the Ferrari.


Two kids were in the car, the driver now under arrest for DUI. Do click this link because there’s VIDEO in it of where the car landed and how it’s destroyed. One article said it happened where 172 meets Clark Road.

sunnyfield farm

It’s remarkable to me the boys survived.

If I had to guess, the parents were probably away, Junior had a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Moment, decided to have fun fun fun in daddy’s Ferrari, but made the stupid mistake of getting drunk. Not only could he have killed himself, he could have killed his passenger.

I won’t begrudge the boy for taking out dad’s Ferrari – what kid doesn’t think that. Seems to me I did that as a youth. Not a Ferrari, but I did “borrow” my dad’s 1964 Corvette convertible and take it for a long spin to visit friends in Lancaster PA!! I never got caught and I never told and I certainly didn’t drink.

I suspect the days of driving anything are over for the 19 year old who crashed. As I said in the headline, at least no horses were harmed.

26 thoughts on “At Least No Horses Were Hurt!

    1. The family I know with this teen’s last name has kids over age 30 and not a 19 year old so it must be a cousin. There’s serious car collecting in that family tho so I wonder who actually owned the car. I’ll have to get the real dirt from one of the kids. I’m out of the loop to know.

  1. I didn’t see mention of what model Ferrari. New? An antique? I don’t know my Ferrari’s well enough to recognize a hep of metal.

    My dad never had a fancy car for me to borrow or I would have.

  2. Call me cold-hearted, but I feel little sympathy. Yes, teens are reckless and we all did stupid stuff at that age. (I say this as someone who got into minor crashes with not one, but two, of Mom’s Mercedes.) But once you veer (no pun intended) into the territory of putting others at serious risk, I no longer feel badly for you. And if that was my Ferrari, you can bet that the keys would be locked away – – because this result is, sadly, very predictable. Even absent alcohol, most of these sports cars require some expertise to drive safely.

    1. Agree! 20000%. If my post indicted I had some sympathy for the boys, it was not my intention. With boys of my own who did stupid stuff, I understand how scary it is when lives are at stake.

  3. My father was an ER doctor when I got my license. He only had to show me once the mangled bodies of kids after a car accident. It was a no brainer way to learn alcohol and driving don’t mix.

    19 year old boys, especially rich boys with daddy’s toys, don’t think about any consequences. I’m happy both are okay so they can learn a lesson from this.

    1. I’m going to use that tactic when the time comes with my boys. It makes my knees weak to think of how stupid my teens may be (knowing how immensely stupid I was–rather lucky to have made it😵)

      1. The early driving years are nerve wracking for parents. You want to let them go but the worry is there. Our philosophy was getting them behind the wheel young, pre Teen, with one of us, practicing in parking lots and back roads. Learning to get out of a spin etc.

        1. Martha, teach them early how to change a tire, how to pump gas, how to change the oil, how to parallel park (we put up cones in an empty parking lot). The younger they understand how a car works the easier it will be for them to understand how to drive.

        2. One of the great things about Florida is driving golf carts. Eldest got his license (restricted) last year at 11, and will theoretically be allowed to drive alone next season. 😳 He is better than my husband at paying attention, using hand signals and driving smoothly, but then golf carts do not offer much protection if you wreck it….some teens (drunk) had to be airlifted to Miami last Christmas. They all survived, but yikes!

    1. Party was fabulous. It rained a couple of short bursts an hour or so before the party but cleared out beautifully for the gathering. The last souls didn’t leave til late and I’m up at 5 to get going to Wilmington so I’m predicting Sunday will be a sleep in day.

  4. Actually, about 400 horses lost their lives in this crash. Some say, according the the wheels, that this was a 2001 Modena 360, which packs 400hp.

    1. Yikes. Shocking anyone could determine anything from the pile of car rubble. Doubling someone else’s comment that it takes a serious driver behind the wheel. If you listened to the video in the LoHud link, the fire chief said the kid veered then overreacted to compensate. Next time you have a second, stick a photo of the Modena 360 in the comment thread. I would but my brain is in pre-coffee mode.

        1. I’ve heard the car in the accident was a 2015 Ferrari 458 convertible. Don’t know if that’s accurate, just the street gab. $245k car. Top was down.

          Sadly, also heard today passenger’s life is hanging by a thread and if he dies, oh lord, I can’t even imagine. Lives ruined, in a flash, by the stupidity of one moment. We’ve all done stupid stuff, I sure have, but nothing that had life or death consequences.

        2. 1. Not first hand knowledge it’s a 458 but reasonably well sourced info.
          2. Who The hell is Vicki and how do I get her job?? Whoa, what fun. She must have some racing experience to take that 458 through those winding road maneuvers. Jealous.

        3. Small town. Word travels fast. So yes, I suspect my intel is accurate.

          Plus, no one in Bedford would deign to be seen in a 16 year old meh Ferrari. A $5m classic Ferrari, yes. Unless, if your sources end up right, the Modena could be the staff car or what the 19 year old got for his 16th birthday.

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