Alignment is extra??? 

I’m at Mavis for my new tires – lo and behold I was asked if I wanted the tires aligned after they were mounted and balanced! Say what??? 

Silly me, I ass-u-me‘d alignment is as basic a component of new tire installation as mounting them. No? Alignment is $129!!! I said no. Should I have said Yes To The Dress? 

Adding insult to injury, the TV in the waiting room is on CNN!!!

The only good news in this story is Dunkin’ Donuts is next door and today is National Donut Day! How fortuitous. 

Update: Two minutes ago one of the workers said “we’ve noticed a problem”. Ugh. The left front brake rotor… rusted. I may need two donuts to get through this appointment. I hate hate hate these kinda of service problems. 

16 thoughts on “Alignment is extra??? 

  1. The alignment is important. I’d say yes. It’s a scam that the pricing doesn’t include alignment but add-ons are pretty common in any business. The gotchas.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking too. Irony alert: I’m getting close to the Audi dealership price. Hmmm.

      I’d think the tires would not be warranted if installed and not professionally aligned. Pisser.

      UPDATE. I just said yes to the dress. Adding alignment. Groan.

      1. If you have an internal tire pressure monitor, make sure to test it before you leave the parking lot. #1 it should work, #2 the pressure is ‘right’.

  2. Your car computer monitors functions…the red lights on the dashboard when things go wrong.
    Gives you gas level, motor temp, tire pressure, fuel consumption, etc
    Mine are buttons on the steering wheel.

  3. same thing happened to me, had to get a new tyre for the Fiat 500 and then had to have balancing and alignment, actually it was a good thing as alignment was out due to hitting the pothole that ate the tyre!

  4. Dealers get a bad rap, for good reason, but often enough it’s worth it for the customer service and avoiding the upcharges of the discount places. As a fellow Audi owner, I just have to remind myself that I chose to buy a German luxury car instead of a Chevy or a Honda knowing that everything was going to cost drastically more.

    1. I did the alignment but what I didn’t like is that aspect of the conversation, and that it was NOT included, should be mentioned BEFORE you close the deal. I was on the phone a couple of times with the sales guy, asking about what the price included. At no time did he say, Ma’am, you’ll want to have them aligned at $129. I’m sure I would have said yes but that it comes up when you are at the counter, with three people tapping their toes waiting behind you – that’s my objection.

      1. Fair point. I go in knowing that I’m going to have to do it, so I’m not surprised when they bring it up at the counter.

        1. And I think most GUYS do know that. I’m a pretty decent gar GAL but honestly, the alignment aspect didn’t occur to me. Now I know.

      2. This is why, when my Audi is at the dealer and they call to tell me I need new tires, I just tell them to go ahead. In retrospect, after all you’ve been through to save a few dollars, didn’t you ever wish you had done the same? When all is said and done, how much do you figure you REALLY saved by going the Mavis route?

        BTW, did you ever check to make sure they reset the tire pressure monitor correctly (or at all)? That’s another thing you don’t have to worry about if Audi does it.

        1. You are absolutely right. The only thing is when Audi said I needed new tires, it was when the car was there for a recall. One of the kids took it to Greenwich for me and it was only when I got the car back was I told, oh mom, Audi said you should get new tires. So it wasn’t a logical progression. I was not there at the time. Otherwise I would have. I saved no real money from their estimate versus, as you said, all the time effort and nuisance in dealing with Mavis.

          I did check the tire pressure and I keep in my glove box a circa 1975 manual tire pressure gauge. In the old days living on MVY and going over the beach, the tires had to be just the right pressure. It was an essential beach living tool.

          Back and forth to Delaware yesterday the tires ran just fine.

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