How could it already Be June 1?

Seems like yesterday I was taking the Christmas tree down then poof, it’s June. They say time flies the older you get so I must be ancient because January to June went in warp speed.

The storms here last night were epic – torrential rains that went on and on and on. Lightning and thunder too but this morning, all calm, the sun is out, the sky is blue. Looks like a good way to start June!

The rains did a number on the newly bloomed peonies, pulling them down to their knees, but luckily I took some photos last week. Enjoy while I have another cup of coffee.









The ant!





I’ll be out and about most of the day. Caterers coming to set up bars, plural, outside for party tomorrow night. I bought my mom an iPad and am setting Audible up for her. Lots on the agenda. Wilmington Saturday.

Happy June 1 everyone.

24 thoughts on “How could it already Be June 1?

  1. Beautiful especially the first one that’s pink-purple.

    What happened to the Ken Jennings post?

      1. I had a few words for Ken Jennings myself. Probably nothing that is printable.

        I live vicariously through your garden pix. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The whole covfefe thing was hysterical, more so how the left media could t stop talking about it all day. I suppose,if otherwise you have to talk about Hillary’s loss and Biden creating a political pac group, covfefe is better fodder.

        1. That’s one RED car!!! 😳

          Reminds me of a story. My dad did all the car buying for the family, always Chevy’s. Mom said she wanted a new station wagon and he came home with a bright red wagon. Mom was horrified.

          Mom’s wasn’t a hooptie tho.

        2. That’s when cars were cars!!!! It’s a totally cool car, except the color. Was that a factory color in 1955? I can’t imagine it was.

        3. I’ve mention it here many times but my grandmother drove a pink Buick. My best guess was it was around 1957-58 and darn, I have no photos of it but that thing was a tank. My grandmother was a hot-rodder (I guess that’s where my talent comes from) and I so remember, as it it were yesterday, that if she had to stop suddenly, she’d put out her arm to protect us in the front seat (surely without seat belts then). The car itself would have save us from any harm. I’d KILL to have that car today.

  2. I got caught in a huge downpour this morning, out of the blue, the sky opened as I was walking to the PO. I could see the dark cloud but figured it would pass. It didn’t. Hope your party is rain free. The forecast is iffy.

    1. I just missed the downpour Jane. I was in the supermarket and when I came out, the streets were drenched and so too the cars. I saw those big big dark clouds and I even tried to get a good photo of them when I was at the fish market but no luck.

  3. I always look to the flowers when I need to know the long-term forecast. When they bloom in January, I know it’ll be a toasty summer. You have great photos. Reminds me of an endless Easter-themed picture book.

    1. What a fascinating thought- test early blooming flowers mean a toasty summer. I’m sure the flowers know far more than any TV forecaster!

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the photo compliment.

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