Rub a dub dub. Two men here to scrub. 


The patio is finally getting a wash, a power wash. So too the grungy garage doors that had a line of mildew at the bottom that made the doors look old and uncared for.
ARCO Cleaning is here, no finer team of employees around. Fast. Clean. Responsible. Priced well.

The garage doors took no time to clean and they look practically brand new. They are only a quarter way through the patio project but I’ll post an “after” photo later today.

I also had a delivery of driveway stone to Make The Driveway Circle Great Again. The winters are unkind to stone driveways, 95% of the stone ends up in the lawn after several snow plowings, so six yards of pea stone arrived yesterday and now the crew to rake it in place is here today.

So, the trees are down, the power washing is getting done, the driveway will be nice – I should sell the dump place! 🙂

AFTER: Looks brand new. 



Before the driveway stone peeps left, they came around to look at the patio and are giving me an estimate to bring new stone dust and reset the many flagstones that have settled or are sticking up. Then I’ll be done. Time for a drink outside to celebrate!

13 thoughts on “Rub a dub dub. Two men here to scrub. 

    1. Heh. That would be zero. Louis and Juan are doing thee power washing. I don’t know the names of the stone workers but they too are Hispanic. Don’t know if they are legal. I suspect ARCO’s guys are. The stone guys, not as sure. Interesting, isn’t it?

      1. Is it appropriate to ask a boss if his employees are legal and refuse to hire him if he only employs illegals?

        1. Yes, I think it’s a fair question. Did I ask it? No. Should I have, maybe. I do bitch and moan about how the illegals have overwhelmed Mount Kisco and the school district so if I wanted the problem to be reduced, I should ask and I should refuse if they hire illegals. You ask first, and get back to me.

  1. One of the reasons I’m glad to be in a condo now is not having to deal with so much house maintenance. Deferred maintenance takes its toll – I know, we had that problem and when we sold our “forever” Greenwich house, we took a huge hit because the house needed so much work.

    I don’t envy you all these tasks, and $$$$ its costing to get them done.

    1. The patio is most definitely deferred maintenance. He’s taking a lot longer than the boss originally estimated but that’s okay. It needed it so badly.

      We figure when it’s time to sell this house someone will tear it down because it’s small, old, low ceilings, master bedroom on first floor etc etc etc. Nothing a new young buyer wants.

  2. Every six or seven years we would decide to sell our former home. That meant we’d have to get it in shape to sell. Once we did that, we liked it enough to stay put. Took us 35 years to move.
    I think a first floor master bedroom would appeal to a family with teenage children. The kids get their own floor and parents can hear them when they try to sneak in after curfew.
    Your patio looks fantastic. And, are those the umbrellas of a long ago post?

    1. We hold no hope of making money when we sell. It’ll likely be an empty nester couple like us who wants it (it’s a very modest size home) but it has to be an empty nester who wants to stay in NY. That narrows the field considerably. To two people!!!

      Yes, the solid blue umbrellas as the new ones. Replacing the blue and white striped ones I bought that were too small. The 7.5′ umbrellas were not available in the stripe. Bummed.

    2. First floor master is a must for me, although I fully respect differing opinions. One of the simplest and greatest pleasures in life is stumbling to the kitchen for a cup of black coffee in bed before I start my day.

  3. When you finally do decide to sell, you’ll probably do what we did. Price it wisely and move on. Maybe we could have sold it for more. Maybe. I sure didn’t want my house to get stale and end up selling at a discounted price.
    My house sold at a fair price to a lovely, young couple with a baby. I liked them very much. Of course, a couple of years later, we all knew they got a great buy. Good for them.

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