You Mean Like on Vacay? A Road Trip? Let’s All Go!*

[*Gotta know your movie Legally Blonde to get quote]

We had a chance to unwind and unplug this weekend, regrouping for Life Without Dawg and decided now is a good time to tackle some of the bucket list places we want to see.  So Road Trip it is, mid-June’ish.

Shanksville, PA, The Flight 93 National Memorial

Shanksville is only about 5.5 hours from Bedford so if we start off this way, we basically get nowhere on Day One. We could drive another three hours or so and get to Columbus, but that would only be to find the nearest Hampton Inn. We have nothing planned to see in Columbus, just a means to get farther along to the next stop.


Bentonville, Arkansas to see Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art 


My sister and her husband saw the museum the year it opened (maybe two years ago) and loved it but when they were there, work had not been completed on the Frank Lloyd Wright Bachman Wilson House. That is done now and one of the main reasons I want to see the museum.


But the real real reason for the road trip is my goal of visiting every Presidential Library.  Don’t ask me why, I don’t know why, other than I love history and love things presidential. The only library I’ve been to is Nixon’s, and that was a few years ago, maybe even PB, pre-blog.

So after Bentonville, next stop is Little Rock, AR and the Clinton Library. Thankfully, it’s only the William Jefferson Clinton presidential library. Phew. Dodged a bullet there.


I’m guessing the Blue Dress is not among the library exhibits? It should be since it brought about his impeachment, right?

From Arkansas, we drive to Texas, wanting to see Waco and Dallas.

Waco for the Magnolia Market at the Silo buildings (you must watch HGTV Fixer Upper to know Magnolia) and walk Baylor campus. Poor Waco still gets the bum rap from this….when the FBI was badass!

History_Speeches_2050_FBI_Strikes_Waco_TX_SF_still_624x352 (1)

Dallas for the Bush Presidential Library at SMU.  George’s Library seems the least affected, not to monument to self as the Clinton one. Nixon’s was very low key too.


I’d love to see Reagan’s library the most, everyone who has been there has raved, but that means a trip to California and Simi Valley is in nowheresville, between LA and Santa Barbara. That’ll require a separate trip.

So that’s it. We haven’t decided in what direction we’ll do all those things, maybe just drive the farthest first, to Waco, then come back leisurely. Maybe not quite ten days but more than a week. Doable? Who’s coming along?

Any suggestions, deletions, comments?

21 thoughts on “You Mean Like on Vacay? A Road Trip? Let’s All Go!*

  1. Wait until the weather in the south clears out. Texas has been hammered.

    I might do the Shanksville leg separately, not part of the road trip. It’s an easy out, overnight, then home. Start in Waco and end in Bentonville.

    I’m in.

  2. Ambitious road trip. Why not fly then rent a car? Driving to Waco will take two very long days or three comfortably.

    Agree with Jane re making Shanksville a separate journey.

    We’ve been to the Reagan Library. It is as good as it gets.

    1. Flying would be a pain – so many little towns, puddlejumper planes, being beholden to a schedule. Driving, we go, do, if we don’t like it we leave, we change course.

  3. my wife is a huge fan of chip and joanna gaines so we’ve already done waco and magnolia market. waco has the gaines’s to thank for so much attention to an otherwise meh city. it was 310 degrees in the shade when we went so go prepared. it’s only 90 minutes from waco to dallas so you don’t need to spend the night in waco, unless you prefer to do that and make dallas the day trip.

    any chance of catching up with ‘regular little rock reader’ when in LR?

  4. You could see Eisenhower Library in Abilene KS and Truman Library in Independence, MO, about 2+ hours apart from each other and skip Texas.

    You haven’t been to the FDR Library in Hyde Park or JFK’s in Boston?

    1. Hadn’t even thought of seeing the Eisenhower and Truman Libraries. Hmmm, might make sense. Start in Abilene, go back to Independence, then down to Bentonville and down to Little Rock. I had highest on my list the Bush Library though but you’ve put a new wrinkle in the itinerary.

      Re the Roosevelt Library. I’ve been to his house and Eleanor’s too but did I see a museum and Library? I don’t think so. And no, all the times sin Boston, not once did I make it to the JFK Library. Go figure.

  5. I’d leave tomorrow if it would get me away from the cold and rain the NE has been under. I turned my heat on this morning, that’s how raw the house felt.

    We’e been to the Bush Library (family in Dallas). It’s an excellent trip and well worth driving that far.

    1. It’s very cold here this morning too (not sure where you are) but I avoided the temptation to turn on the heat and instead put on a sweater and fuzzy slippers.

  6. We in Florida haven’t had much better weather, if that’s any consolation to your cold northerners.

    I like your itinerary except for Waco. That wouldn’t appeal to me, only the wife, like Austin said.

    Why not make the trip to see all the Civil War statues being taken down – the rewriting of history tour.

  7. Just catching up with you today, EOS, and I am so sorry to read about Dawg. Please accept my most heartfelt condolences on your loss. I will miss looking into those soulful eyes. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  8. I went to Bentonvlle over Mother’s day to visit Crystal Bridges. It’s really quite a wonderful museum. It sounds like you’ll be there for the Chihuly exhibit – very good timing on your part. If you stay at 21C you can walk to the museum on the fabulous trails that are all around it. Try to have either dinner or Sunday brunch (or both) at the restaurant at Crystal bridges. It’s the best in town with the best prices AND you can get a cocktail(s)! Check their schedule – lunch during the week is cafeteria style & they don’t serve dinner every night. Brunch is only on Sunday. There’s a very good, casual restaurant, The Press Room, a block from 21C. Very good B, L & D. The rest of the restaurants on the square are meh. The hotel restaurant is grossly overpriced for what they offer & the food is nothing special. I paid $16 for a gimlet!!!

    We saw the very attractive historic downtown neighborhood as we were driving back to the airport. I wish we’d known it was there. It would have been a nice place just to walk around. FLW house tour requires tickets ( I think you can get them online). They are free but the house is quite small & they only allow a few people in at a time.

      1. I meant to say the historic residential neighborhood. It’s a block or 2 outside of the town square – which has the requisite Civil War statue.

        1. “which has the requisite Civil War statue” today. By the time I get there, maybe not. They are coming down faster than you can say Black Lives Matter.

  9. You should go down to Austin after Dallas, to the LBJ’s Presidential Library on UT’s campus, then go down to Johnson City and see his Ranch it’s now a National Park. I’ve also been to Gerald Ford’s Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, MI which is different than his Library which is at U of M in Ann Arbor. Seems lots of presidents have both?

    1. I have an old high school friend who lives in Austin and was a UT professor for decades until he retired just recently. He and his wife have often extended us an invite.

      However, Austin is a real destination city, one that would take a few days to see. I don’t think I’d go there only to see the LBJ Library and I don’t want to take three days of the trip to be in Austin. If we owned an RV and were traveling for a month or more, I WOULD add Austin to the itinerary.

      It does seem presidents have both.

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