Maybe I skip buying tires for the old Audi and go straight for a new car?


The new Rolls Royce Sweptail, at only $12.8 million, I might get two. One for NY, and one for dump runs in RI. I guess the only question – should both be blue or should one be green, as in you’d be green with envy!


Gorgeous. I can’t tell from these photos – is it a two-seater? Doesn’t look like there’s room for the rugrats and their car seats.


To plunk down $12.8 million for a car requires a tad bit more income than I have but would I get one if I could afford it? Probably not here in Bedford, but if I lived in oh lets say Monaco or Cannes, or even LA, maybe.


17 thoughts on “Maybe I skip buying tires for the old Audi and go straight for a new car?

  1. Eos,you should go to the Greenwich concours this weekend,I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring one.

    1. I gave up on the Greenwich Concours a few years ago. It got too lah-di-dah for me. Plus, I’d be laughed out of the parking lot showing up in an Audi.

  2. Interesting, but, a touch too look-at-me.
    I prefer the practicality of the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo (I think rugrats fit).

    1. It’s very definitely look at me, but who buys a RR, or any flashy car, for any other reason?? No one. This car is ALL ABOUT the look at me factor.

      PS: The Porsche is beautiful but for the young. I’m not sure I could get in, and if I did, I’m not sure I could get back out.

        1. I didn’t know a thing about LeGate until the tweet with his phone number went viral. Never heard of him but he looks like a total creep. What makes some people so full of hate?

        2. PS: I meant to ask if you saw @USAA caved, said they will advertise on Hannity again. That says two things, conservative and veteran viewers DO count when so many cancelled their policies. And Hannity’s job must be safe this week.

        3. Don’t get me started on that vile woman. She, like so many other demented liberals, think it’s all fun and games, a little harmless publicity, to show a beheading. Happily the Secret Service is aware but nothing will happen. CNN won’t fire her. She’ll get booked on The View tomorrow, or on CBS This Morning, where Gayle King will ask the hard hitting question, ‘did you really mean harm” and Kathy will say “oh no, I don’t condone violence”. Whoever said the circus died does not know hate filled liberal nut cases.

        4. Griffin and her pal Al Franken, another of your favorite people, are scheduled to appear at a venue called The Wallis (I don’t know what/where that is). Will she be uninvited? Probably not and I agree she will not be fired from CNN nor will the SS do anything.

      1. I called USAA today to cancel my car insurance and the told me there was “good” news and read me the official statement over the phone – which contained sufficient weasel words to know that it was a Band-Aid to reinstate their ads across the board, for now, subject to some future consideration. My problem was that they lied about the situation last week and then went silent.
        AAA now covers my insurance needs.

        1. I think they put all the ads back (Mr Maddow’s show, Chris Matthews, Jake Tapper, Hannity) while they “review” their policy:

          However, we also understand that the lines between news and editorial are increasingly blurred. As such, we are reviewing our policy to determine how best to apply it in today’s environment and in line with our mission. While we do that, we will reinstate all previously removed ads on programs representing a variety of viewpoints later this week.

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