I’m Insured. I hope they are too.

I’m making lots of noise on the street today, getting five dead ash trees taken down, one that has a three-trunk base, sitting over the large propane tank. The chipper is here, and a crew of about six. One man, with nerves of steel, is the climber. Not a job I could ever have.


I’ll be glad when they are done and safe. He’s waaaaay up there!


My only hesitation in taking down the three-trunked tree? There were two birds nests in it and a giant woodpecker who came peck-peck-pecking around in the dead drunk.

One thought on “I’m Insured. I hope they are too.

  1. Ash trees have been dying in the northeast at a rapid pace. Emerald Ash Borer. We’ve cut down a similar number of dead ash trees here in Greenwich. The wood makes good firewood so I hope your guys are cutting and stacking the wood on your property.

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