Call me crazy but if you are a tire store, you are going to have to keep tires in stock, right?

Audi told me I should buy new tires and their price, Greenwich-gouge rate, was over $1100. I knew I could buy the tires for much less but my options around here are Worse and Worser, in terms of the numbnuts who do tires. In the old days, I remember my dad going to Sears – that was the go-to place back in the early 60s.

Now I have Mavis and Elman, both awful, both try and upsell, get you to feel lousy for buying what you want. The last time I needed tires, I traded in the car for a new one, but this Audi is going to stay around for a long time so new tires it is, especially before going on a road trip.

I priced the tires online and was struck by the one line I boxed in red. Overhead and stocking fee, $20 per tire? I don’t think so. I might have to use some feminine wile to negotiate that off the tab. I’ve looked elsewhere and the tires are all around $170per.


I feel this is a guy chore so I may ask others to take care of this while I start getting the house ready for a big party here Friday night. Please pray for sunshine as the party is outside.

If you Greenwich/local peeps know of any decent tire place, holler.

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  1. You might check with Jon Caviola at Greenwich Motor Sales (on Route 1 a block or two from the Audi dealership). He obtained and installed a quartet of Continental DWS (“Dry, Wet, Snow”) all season tires on our wagon a couple of years ago for what I remember was a reasonable price. I may have scored a particularly fair price as I bought the car from him, but it might be worth a call (203-869-0432)

    1. As always Cobra, thanks for all your great suggestions. As I said, this chore in my mind is a guy to guy thing. I’d be uncomfortable calling Jon and my luck, Mr. EOS isn’t here today. I think I have it covered here at this Mavis.

    1. Ditto on Mavis in Riverside. Walter, a manager there, is a totally stand up guy.

  2. I did Tire Rack (online) with Michelins for the BMW wagon. Had them drop-shipped to the guy that does the wheel balance / alignment (checked with him first). Everybody happy.

    1. That’s also a good option. I can have them shipped to son’s shop. I saw the Tire Rack website. But wasn’t the shipping cost huge?

      1. Honestly can’t remember, but, I figured the tires were EXACTLY what I wanted and, at the time, Michelin was giving a $70 rebate. It couldn’t have been that bad…

    2. So I just searched for the tires at Tire Rack. The Audi came with Continental 235/55R19 101H tires. Mavis has them for $170+ each. Tire Rack $190+, plus $16.64 delivery charge per tire (which is pretty cheap) and that’s not installed.

      Not so fast, she said. I called Mavis and now the tire is $190. I told him I saw them on his website for $170+ per and he said that’s because I didn’t put them in the cart. Huh? The price is more in the cart???? THIS is exactly why I hate doing this chore. Hate it hate it.

      Not so fast, redux!! So I called Mavis a second time, getting another man, asking why the price difference. My bad, the price of $190, includes the mounting and balancing, which brings the tire back down to the $170 range per. Okay, Good to go, literally and figuratively.

      1. If Mavis is the place I think it is (it’s been seventeen or so years), they fixed the valve stem on my Volvo one cold, wintry day in December and I was well pleased!

  3. Mavis/Riverside is excellent with surprisingly reasonable prices and very quick turnaround. I’ve also bought Bridgestone Dueler tires for my 28 year old Range Rover from Tire Rack and had Mavis mount and balance them for $20. The Mavis price for this particular tire was about the same as Tire Rack, which does not charge sales tax. If you experence a wait at Mavis/Riverside, there’s always nearby Balducci’s or the JHouse coffee place, both nearby and walkable.

  4. Audi said you need new tires and happened to have a set, for $1,100. just waiting for you? Call me skeptical but I’d question whether you really need new tires.
    In days gone by, I’d be the one to trade in cars when they needed new tires. Age brings thrift- and Costco.

    1. I don’t remember if Audi said they had them in stock but I know better than to get a dealership to go any work like that. What I’m bothered by is the car has only 35k miles. Aren’t tires supposed to last longer? I did the coin test and I asked Mr. EOS and the boys- everyone said I need new tires. Not that they are bald or so bad they shouldn’t be driven but might not go as well if I need to make a short fast stop.

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