We’ve booked a room at the ritz…and other Friday stuff


The house is just too strange to be in without Dawg so we’re getting away, back to nature. The tent is old but still holds off water – we put it up before the torrential rains of yesterday and yay, it’s dry inside. The sleeping bags are airing out and I think there was discussion of bringing an air mattress along too, for old bones. And wine. Lots of wine.

I made the dumb move today of buying a fancy Italian shampoo at Bedford Pharmacy, which is more like a boutique shop than a pharmacy, all kids of gifts and goodies, all high end.


Yes, it says with caper blossom extract. I have no clue what that even is. Worse, I didn’t see the price tag until I checked out. I bought a $1.00 local newspaper and this and when the bill came to over $30 with tax, I looked at the price of the shampoo – $28.49!!! Doink. At this point the woman behind the counter said the shampoos like Suave were further down on the shelf!! I guess she assumed my yikes reaction was because I couldn’t afford the price…. I didn’t want to (a) hold up the line behind me or (b) admit that it was ludicrously priced so I came home with the stupid stuff. It better be better than my Suave!

The sun can’t decide if it wants to be in or out. At the supermarket, where by the way I got called Ma’am (no woman likes to be called Ma’am!), the sky was pitch black. Now home, the sun is bright, but I spy lots of clouds coming my way.

Nothing else to report, other than I saw two seconds of Hillary’s speech at Wellesley. The nitwits at CNN were having The Big O over her speech, calling it the all new unscripted Hillary. Oh dear. Oh dear. They can not get over her loss, can they??

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone. Plans? Parades? Barbecues? Whatever you do, have fun. Hope the weather cooperates.

9 thoughts on “We’ve booked a room at the ritz…and other Friday stuff

  1. I’m glad your sparkle is still shining, despite your sorrow. Are you seriously sleeping in a tent? You might find me in a Ritz, but not in a tent…good for you! Is that shampoo for getting the brassiness out of grey hair? I’ve been known to buy ridiculously expensive shampoos currently liking a cheap one from Organix–lavender platinum, or something. For years I’ve been wishing I would just go all grey, but now I’m wondering if I want some highlights. If it weren’t for the upkeep…..I’m rather low maintance in general.

    My boys have been on a four day archeological dig. Amazing experience. There is a company that recreates actual digs (scaled to number of participants). They dug up items from the site Rajasthan in the Indus Valley, trying to figure out what the history was based on their finds.

  2. This tweet is worth a thousand laughs.

    We’re home for the weekend. No plans other than burgers and dogs and making a batch of my mom’s recipe for egg salad. Egg and potato. Celery.

    1. Oh my, what a fabulously funny good idea. We won’t get her ashes for a couple of weeks so there’s plenty of time to decide what to do with them.

  3. We’ve avid campers. I grew up camping with my parents who were also serious hikers and I guess the love for being out under the open sky stayed with me. My dream is to retire, buy an RV, and spend the year driving the roads and camping. It’s very relaxing, assuming there are no bear, no bats, no snakes, no mosquitoes. Have fun.

  4. Condolences regarding your big girl. Ruffing it sounds the business.

    CNN probably piped down when Hillary started coughing:

    and to think 1968 Hilary offered such promise

    1. Hildabeast’s 1968 visage resembles one of the Manson girls. Relative to her personality, she’s more like Charlie.

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