Quick: Guess Where This Villa is

Tuscany? Greece? Portugal?
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Hint: Mountains, so maybe Switzerland?? Austria? Bavarian Alps?
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All good guesses but nope, wrong.

It’s where everyone would expect a 9400 square foot villa to be built, Telluride, Colorado! Right?

Nothing says Colorado mountains ski lodge than this. Fits right into the landscape, doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb or anything. Oh my.

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And it can be all yours for $12million, and change. Realtor dot com says it was originally listed in 2015 for the same price with no takers yet. Shocking. /snark.

But hey, there’a a lot of money in Telluride, Oprah kind of billions, so perhaps I’m all mis-mis-mis wrong, and this will end up with a full ask offer any day. It won’t be me.

Anyone, anyone Bueller?

9 thoughts on “Quick: Guess Where This Villa is

        1. For all the times I’ve flown into Denver, I’m surprised I never spied this house during the landing. It’s a cool house. Here’s a little high tech aspect about the windows that makes it super cool.

        2. The Sleeper house is in Golden and I read it sold at auction in 2011 for $1.5m, more than half what the seller wanted.

          Looking at the heated window video, looks like the new owner is planning on staying for a while. I could have it as a weekend house. Not my main residence.

    1. I’ve heard from friends who ski in Telluride that the town got ruined when big LA money came in. That this isn’t the only huge ugly house to ruin the landscape.

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