Even The Peonies are weeping today

The sick mind of radical Islam has struck again and we all mourn with the parents who lost their children last night.

The cold air and the rain yesterday has brought my peonies down in sympathy.




The network coverage varied – MSNBC preferring to talk about Trump-Flynn-Russia because those nitwits were sure it was “just” a lone wolf and “with no prof it was terror”. Gee, love that liberal mindset.

CBS’s Gayle King was worried about the fate of the Ariana Grande World Tour – will it go on, she fretted? Yes, we all worry about the singer’s tour. Not.

Fox put the third stooge on air, Shemp Smith, to say something, but I can’t listen to him. At some point I turned off the news and changed to House Hunters, Where Ar They Now.

The sky is gray. The temps so chilly that the house got coldly raw, enough to turn the heat back on for an hour or so to bring up the temp, for Dawg. Really. 🙂

That’s it for today. Nothing else of import to share.


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