It’s hard to understand how anyone can be filled with so much hate

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Lauren Duca, who Wikipedia says is a journalist and who is an editor at Teen Vogue, is one sick woman. Not only sick, but hateful and angry. Angry at the world of Trump. Angry at all conservatives. Angry at people who criticize her. Her most recent article at teen Vogue has this as it’s header: Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca breaks down the news, provides resources for the resistance, and just generally refuses to accept toxic nonsense.

Nice message to teens, eh?

She tweeted this yesterday, has since deleted it, but if you dare read her twitter timeline (I’m not going to give her credence by linking it here), she makes NO apologies for the Tweet, and in fact thanks many people for their support and love.


I don’t hate anyone or anything. Hate is such a useless emotion, wastes vital time of all the good that can be done in a lifetime. Sure, there are people and things I dislike, or disapprove of, but hate? No, it’s not in my body and soul.

Lauren, on the other hand, seems to thrive on it. She’s a foul-mouthed angry person, who takes pride in her hatred of Trump, calls it a badge of honor.


These tweets came to light yesterday when the Sunday Today Show announced Duca as a guest today, an interview by Katy Tur, an NBC news reporter (note I didn’t call Tur a journalist). Voices objected seriously to Willie Geist hosting Duca but I’m sure she will be on (it’s just 9am now and the show is about to start so I may check in).

It’s the saddest that she drives the mood at Teen Vogue, getting young women to accept her brand of hate (and feminism?). I don’t get it. Me, I think she need to change her last name to Douche’a. What a waste of life.



18 thoughts on “It’s hard to understand how anyone can be filled with so much hate

  1. Color me lucky I’ve never heard of her and am now sorry I know that name. I think we all know someone who is hate filled, who live to find fault, who live to destroy and to take others down. I don’t do hate either. Good post.

  2. Like Anon, I’d never heard of Lauren and I don’t ever watch Sunday Today but seeing this, I did and they did have her on. She seemed nervous, fidgety, pretentious, and very proud of her Trump hate. They even showed the airplane tweet and Katy Tur sloughed it off as in poor taste, or something like that.

    I’m waiting to watch the President speak, then I’m out for the rest of the day. It’s sunny here but cold.

      1. No, awaiting the President to speak, says Fox. Trump released some of the speech text, that’s why Maria is referring to it.

    1. My sister saw the segment (the kids and I were at church) and she said about the same thing Jane. I have never heard of Duca, nor do I watch the Today Show. Looks like it’s a good thing to avoid.

  3. With a left wing loon such as Anna Wintour running the joint, I’m not surprised that demented reptiles such as Duca are given a platform to projectile vomit their uber-liberal ca ca.

        1. Agree Betty. Trump is killing it. I’m sure the trifecta of msm, NBC CBS and ABC will hate it and find fault.

    1. Ha. Good clip. Thanks Just how old (young/naive) is Mizzz Duca?

      Conde Nast probably loves that her controversial nature BRINGS readers. Her Gaslighting “op-ed” in Teen Vogue was the most read article at Teen Vogue. She’s their cash cow, and not one who smells like vanilla!

  4. Re Trump’s speech – the networks couldn’t find anything negative to say so they aren’t even offering post-speech opinions. MSNBC went right to soccer and CNN back to talking about Russia.

    I thought it was strong and very American leaning, as opposed to Obama’s leanings.

    1. I’ve been outside mostly since the speech but my mom said she looked for post speech hashing and didn’t find any either. Funny about that.

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