It’s about Bloomin’ Time!

Woke to temps in the low 60s, almost autumn like but after two straight days of 90+ degrees, 24 hour AC running and even two power outages, the windows thrown open again is quite refreshing.

One peony is in full bloom, a deep magenta one. A pink one is about to open all the way. I’m sure some sunshine would bring it along but the skies are very gray so perhaps they will all explode next week.

The camera didn’t really capture the deep saturation of color here – it’s gorgeous, better than any crayola crayon.


The pink one is only starting to open, but still very pretty, and delicate.



Right outside my office desk I have a huge Bloomerang Lilac (Syringa), different than the two old traditional lilac bushes that bloom once and the expire until next year. The Syringa blooms all summer and the aroma is far more dense (and heavenly) than the traditional lilacs. The problem is when it was planted, I didn’t expect to get so large and it protrudes into the walkway so much it’s tough to get around. It needs to be out front, although, when the window next to my laptop is open, the whole office is perfumed with lilac.



As for the day, I do plan on watching The Preakness but don’t care for the official drink – too sweet, with peach in it.

Happy Saturday. Hope you CT resident got your power restored. I hear your outages were protracted.


11 thoughts on “It’s about Bloomin’ Time!

  1. Love peonies. My daughter wanted to have them for her wedding, but it was September – wrong time of year.

    Yes power out in Riverside for 4 hours yesterday. Not a good indication for the hot weather!

    1. Four hours? Did they ever announce why? The cause? Did you have any backup power or just enjoy the no TV, no computer option? I kinda like being disconnected.

      The only thing about peonies is they are so delicate – their petals fall off so quickly and while they make gorgeous wedding bouquets, they only look good for about an hour, then look pretty dismal.

      What flowers did she choose for her September wedding?

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