Bowled Over

For a family that doesn’t eat cereal unless there’s nothing left in Old Mother’s Cupboard, we sure do accumulate a lot of bowls. And I’m not sure why but they are a PAIN to load in the dishwasher and if I were to design a dishwasher, I’d make one shelf just for bowls.

There are always a few that have to sit on top of each other or half on one in front of it, assuring it won’t get fully cleaned or will flip over in the wash cycle and will be FULL of water at the end.

I got’cher small glass bowls good for mixing ingredients or leftovers, the good blue and white bowls that say Not Dishwasher Safe, the really old white ones with the blue trim that are actually a perfect morning oatmeal size and….


….The larger bowls for bigger leftovers and casserole dishes….you’d think by looking at this load to run we never use plates! We do, just not this weekend I guess.


Boring Preakness except for the antics of one very wasted white boy jumping porta potty roofs. As an NBC announcer said, he was over-served. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bowled Over

  1. Looks like something of a tradition at the Boring AF Preakness:

    Whatever you can say about bowls at home, multiply that by 1,000 times for the morons vs dishwasher in an office situation.

    1. Now that’s something I’d expect at The PunkinChunkin but did t expect at the Preakness. Are people throwing good beer cans at the guys running??? Who knew it was a thing.

      You have a dishwasher st the office? We only ever had a sink. And a filthy coffee maker.

      1. Just shows the allure of the Preakness when the unwashed masses have to create their own excitement.
        Dishwasher at the office? Oh, yes, a Thermador which cleans everything, despite the stupidest placement of items you can imagine. I’ve often considered a “lunch and learn” to guide the clueless, but, everybody considers me a pain in the ass (imagine!) already. We also have a steam oven and I can’t even when it come to the maintenance of that.

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