Knock Knock….

Who’s there?

Lands’ End.

Lands’ End who?

The Lands’ End bag that was “delivered” last Friday!


I was on the phone when I saw the mailman pull up the driveway and never thinking he’d have this, I kept talking. When I hung up and went to the front door, lo and behold. Darn, I didn’t get to ask my mailman what happened or where it was for a week. It’s unscathed and unopened.

That left me to call Lands’ End, tell them I got the original package, and that what they are sending two-day, by UPS, I no longer need. They said to just tell the UPS driver on Monday to return.

Very strange all around, with no note of explanation from the mailman or the PO. But happy ending, albeit a week late.

7 thoughts on “Knock Knock….

  1. Funny. Where do you think it was all week? Someone else’s mailbox?

    We were without power a long time today but I was oblivious to it, driving up to Clinton with a girlfriend to shop at the outlet stores. We went to Madison for lunch. Fun day.

    1. I suspect so, not the crap stealing suggestion the postmaster was trying to get me to buy. Lots of weekenders in Bedford so someone may have had it delivered and didn’t see it until this morning.

      I’ve only shopped at the Clinton outlet stores once. And it was a rainy day. Not a good idea. But having lunch in Madison – always a good idea. Great little town.

      Is the power back up in Greenwich for everyone or just you?

  2. Common knowledge: when you want to thwart municipal administration, do it on the weekend. Most police will want okay from someone in town hall before acting,

    To call, or not to call. You are picking the laws you want enforced? If you saw a blazing fire burning the offending house, would you let it burn to get rid of the problem house? Burn baby, burn!

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