Yesterday’s Meals On Wheels


Somebody has to do this and Powell has been servicing our septic tanks for decades. I’ve never lived in a house on a town sewer line. He comes about every two years and today was that time frame. Hard to believe that two adults can fill a tank in two years but hey, it’s like the title of the children’s book, Everyone Poops. Yep.

I am always amused at the lengths septic companies go to make fun of their business (or is that our business??) and why not!?

This one is pretty funny….

But I like this one the best…………

All the windows are flung wide open as the temps soar to close to 90 today. I’m waaaaaay too cheap to turn on the a/c this early. Hope it’s sunny and nice in your neck of the woods today too.

13 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Meals On Wheels

  1. Speaking of shi**y, the stock market has fallen off the cliff today as a reaction to what the WSJ calls Trump turbulence. I was late in being a Trump voter and I am nervous that all of his tweets and convos with Russians and Comey are going to be his undoing. He’s speaking to the Coast Guard grads instead of working behind the desk to get healthcare and tax done, he’s becoming Obama light.

    1. It was down over 300 points last I looked. Not good. I agree that Trump is on the road too much all of a sudden. In the first 100 days he was glued to his WH desk, but two grad speeches, going overseas…too soon. McConnell won’t let Trump pass the tax bill and McCain will be the first one to sign the impeachment document. Strange times. Very strange.

  2. I spy a Florida license plate on that truck. Hmmm, I thought that scam was limited to personal cars.

    1. The truck with the Florida license plate was merely a photo I found after searching “funny septic company slogans”. He very well may BE from Florida.

      My guy Powell, is a local as local gets.

  3. Played golf today late at 4 pm. So hot was red and looking like a heat stroke victim. What happened to Spring, feels like August!

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