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No sign of my Lands End box that was “delivered Friday May 12 at 3:14p.”

My regular mailman brought me an Amazon box yesterday and I asked him where the heck my clothes were. He said he wasn’t on duty Friday. Oh well. 

Still no call from anyone at the Post Office. At this point I think I should file a claim and get my money back. I mean, today is Wednesday and if the post office has no idea where my bag is by now, I’m assuming someone is sporting my dresses. Or sold them on eBay. 

Such an avoidable nuisance. Grrr. 

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  1. Lands End will trace it. That doesn’t mean they’ll find it but at least they will put pressure on the carrier.

    1. Well, here’s the skinny. I just called the PO and spoke with the postmaster. He said he tried twice to call me yesterday yet I don’t see any 234 numbers on my caller ID nor did anyone leave a message. ANYWAY, we spoke this morning and he said the replacement carrier on Friday doesn’t remember the specific package, hence he’s of no help in determining if he mis-delivered it or stuffed it in his own car.

      The postmaster was quite rude, insisting that someone could have easily stolen it out of my mailbox (hogwash) or that one of my neighbors kept it. Neither is plausible. If someone is going to steal a package, they aren’t going to bother with a bag from Lands End. Bottom line, the postmaster said they don’t know where it is and that I should call the company and they will set upon tracing it.

      So I did. I called LE. They were heavenly. Sending out replacements two-day, sending it UPS the whole way, not UPS to USPS and only asked that if the bag shows up at some point, I call them and return the duplicates. Of course.

      I was most disheartened by the tone of the postmaster. He assumed that the fault lay with neighbors or nefarious thieves. I say it was a careless move by the carrier that day. We all make mistakes, I get that, but one delivery route isn’t so enormous (we’re not talking Chicago here) that remembering how many bags or boxes you had Friday can’t be that tough. Can it?

  2. A couple of weeks ago an important letter requiring signature was never delivered. It arrived at our post office in the morning and sent out with regular mail. Mail carrier had no idea what happened to it. Post office was very apologetic but never found the letter. Sender resent the stuff by FedEx.
    In your case and mine we were expecting something to be delivered. Ordinary mail gets misdirected all the time as my friendly neighbors can attest. I wonder about mail we don’t expect that we never see such as invitations and announcements.

    1. Now that I’d be worried about. Letters with important info in it gone missing is scary. Three dresses I can get over.

      Years ago Mount Kisco post office was embroiled in a scandal with one carrier stealing gift cards and packages. He got caught. But you are right, what about all the mail we don’t know that we don’t see?

  3. After my husband died and I sold the Greenwich house, I moved into a condo association and didn’t want a community mailbox where everyone knows what you get. I opted for a downtown mail box and love it. I walk over there every day and know if I go to California my mail will be held without telling the nosy condo rep I’m leaving. Have you thought of getting a Bedford PO box?

    1. I’ve never thought I needed a PO box because I like getting my mail at home, despite the misdeliveries. Plus I can’t walk to the PO. For you it makes sense.

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