I did it for Dawg


It got very hot very fast this afternoon. My thermostats all register in the 88 to 90 degree range and poor Dawg was panting like it was her last breath. Resting at the water bowl to lap up regularly.

I swore I’d not succumb to turning on the a/c yet but darn, what’s a gal to do when Dawg looks up at you and you KNOW she’s asking for some cooler air. So, two downstairs zones on. Upstairs not, since we moved back downstairs today.

Mom is back in Wilmington now, so I didn’t have to worry about her and heat. She called to say she played GOLF today, six holes, four clubs, the woman she played with needed a walker right next to the cart, but damn, they got out and had a blast. The only ones on the course. Gotta love it.

Nothing else new. Waiting for someone to come to give me an estimate for cleaning the flagstone patio and while they are here, power washing the garage doors that are pretty dingy.

Eschewing the news. It’s too much to bear. The stock market. Trump being lambasted every twist and turn. RINOs hollering at him as much as Dems. What’s a President to do?

Time for a cold drink. That’ll help the evening.

6 thoughts on “I did it for Dawg

    1. Yes indeed. We didn’t DO a whole lot like she’s used to at home but she loved being outside and seeing the kids. Success, despite the trip over Dawg.

  1. Mom-wise, what happened to “a week in the country”?
    I didn’t have a chance to recommend the “GlowBowl” as the ultimate homing device.

    1. Not a full week but enough for mom to be happy to be away and be spoiled here.

      GlowBowl? I’ll have to google it.
      Okay, found it!! As seen on TV!!! Yellow, one of the color choices is yellow???

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