My plan is almost complete 

I can’t take credit for the photo or the Pence thought bubble quote but it was too clever not to steal. 

Lots of Pence as POTUS photos and comments swirling on Twitter. The latest, meaning the last half hour, is the NYT has a memo from Comey which says Trump asked Comey to go light on Flynn. 

Between this story and the leaked classified info to the Russians, the mainstream media is in full Destroy Mode. 

Schumer ran to the mike. So did Cummings. Pelosi. All shaken by whatever Trump does. 

I gotta admit Trump is spending 100% of his time refuting stories than making progress. His communication team stinks but more true that no matter the merit of his team, the likes of CNN NYT WaPo won’t stop until Trump is gone. 

But do they know that with Trump gone they get Pence? Hmmmm. 

6 thoughts on “My plan is almost complete 

  1. I don’t do Twitter for the reason that people speak in hyperbole, make statements that are often later refuted or corrected but too late because the Twitter damage is done.

    Trump is toast.

    1. By not doing Twitter, you miss gems spewed by Rosie.

      Do agree Trump is lousy at getting out his message but no way he’s toast.

  2. I do think the Comey tidbit is true and Trump probably did ask Comey in some way to relax a bit on Flynn but how that conversation got leaked to the NYT is the bigger sin. All the holdover Obama employees who hate Trump are on the msm or DNC payroll. $10000 per leak.

  3. Trump has lost the narrative. He’s three steps behind the media every day trying to explain his way out of shit he steps in. He’s his own worst enemy. I heard he’s interviewing Kimberly Guilfoyle for Press Secretary. Spicer and Huckabee need to go.

    1. It’s not pretty. Agree Trump has lost narrative. Half his own party hates him besides the media gunning for his impeachment. I’m not sure how this will all end for Trump but I’m more worried that if Trump is in big trouble, I’ll get the “I told ya so” lecture from my sister.

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