Just in time for Father’s Day

It’s always hard to know what to get the men in my family for Father’s Day. All rugged outdoorsmen – hunters, fishermen, builders, gardeners, runners – I figure they need a little something something for when they come in from outside, want to kick off their heels, and just relax.

So, why not get them each a RompHim??? Especially this gem, so all-American male, isn’t it? It screams macho. NOT.


But leave it to the pajama boy set of “men” to design and market this onsey.


I was surprised to read the onsey has a zippered fly because honestly, do these men even have a penis? They do have the more important Persols!!


The guy on the left, I’m guessing his knowledge of balls in a pocket isn’t from hanging out at the pool hall. Just saying.


Lo and behold, their Kickstarter campaign has raised $57k. I give them credit for ingenuity, but I don’t plan on donating and I don’t plan on buying any.

Gorgeous day, and we’re out and about, mostly out, sitting in the sun, in my rompers! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Just in time for Father’s Day

  1. Funny. My daughter in law would think this outfit is great and would buy two. She’s turned my son into a Cali metrosexual. My husband was straight up all male.

  2. Wtf? I cannot imagine someone would wear this!

    Happy Mother’s Day! I trust you had lovely family time? My guys did well, kindness abounded😊

    Very busy with lots of fun end of school stuff here. Chicks should be hatching on Monday 🐣 I made my 7th grader take a standardized test (partially to boost his confidence, partially to smooth any fears I may have that I’m failing him) and he is either a genius ready for college, or our education system is in more dire straights than I thought. Likely a bit of both.

      1. Ha. I was afraid to google it too. It’s the brand of sunglasses some of the guys have on. I guess they are trendy. I’ve never heard of them.

    1. Happy belated Mother’s Day back! Yes, we had a fabulous time, the sun held out long enough for us to sup outside. Yay.

      Dumb question but as a homeschool parent, do you try and follow a traditional school calendar? I ask because you said “end of school stuff”.

      There was lots of news this weekend about a 14 year old who graduated from college. I guess it would be a mixed blessing. One might be brain smart enough to head to college but not emotionally or socially ready. I did not have to worry about making such a choice. Nor did my parents! 🙂

      1. One of the best things about homeschooling is the flexibility. I don’t try to follow much, but often it naturally works out that way. Camp starts, one academic group ends, and has year end party, etc. Theoretically, in the dog days of August, when they are bored with the beach and it’s terribly hot, we could catch up on math or Latin. But reality is more along the lines of David Attenborough 😎

        I question the value of sending such young kids to college that early. Maybe a year, but they need to be children! I am looking forward to him/them taking college level classes during high school, though. There is something called “dual enrollment” I believe, where they can take one or two classes at local colleges for high school and/or? College credit. We are still a ways off from this, and the options broaden every year, so I have not thoroughly researched it yet. The eldest wants to take chemistry (to blow things up!!😳), and I explained that it was “impossible given his level in math…but here, choose from these middle school chemistry curricula for next year. Get that and some more advanced mathematics on your transcript and I will find you a school with a lab and drive you there, even if it is to Yale twice a week.” He picked a plan, but still wants a vat of pure sodium! Some things just cannot be handled in homeschool and will need outsourcing.

  3. I think Uncle Rob would know what to do with that article of ‘clothing’:

    Those pansexuals are giving Persol a bad rep. Persol is Steve McQueen’s brand of choice

    1. I want Uncle Rob’s tee shirt. Now there’s a great Father’s Day gift!!!

      How do I not know Persol if the brand goes back to Steve McQueen? Interesting fact.

  4. I take it that you got no jar heads in the family. If you did u would know to buy them fat girl panty hose for fathers day. And if you were any good at sewing, you would make them a onesy out of said material. capeche?

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