I guess he got the transfer to Hawaii

You actually want me to deliver the package????
My mailman is up to his old tricks, scanning a package thus sending the e-signal that it had been delivered…… but the package seems to have gone in some storage room for Elaine’s re-gifting needs. Newwwwwwwmannn.

According to the tracking, a package from Lands End was delivered to my front door Friday at 3:14 pm.

Not at my front door. Not at my back door. Not in the mailbox. Not on the roof. Not in my sox. Not in the box.

Saturday morning first thing I called the Bedford post office and spoke to the postmaster (ha). I read him the printed tracking and he said he’d look into it and call me back. Ha ha.

No sign of the package Saturday and by one o’clock today, no package and no call back from the post office so I called them again. The postmaster has the day off (???) so I spoke to a self-described lackey who said the best he could do is also take my phone number and get back to me.

I asked the basic question – if the mailman leaves the Bedford station at 12 noon heading southeast and marks the package as delivered, what time does it arrive back in Dodgeville? The postal employee apologized for my suffering. Suffering? Not at all. Irritated. Yes. Pissed. Very much so. I paid for the package to arrive by Friday and now, according to the PO, its location is unknown.

I was told not to expect it to be found today. Maybe not tomorrow either. In such a small town, my mailman is that stupid he can’t remember to whom he misdelivered my Lands End package? [rhetorical]

2 thoughts on “I guess he got the transfer to Hawaii

  1. I was out working on lawn last week and a package arrived, via USPS, that was too big to fit in the mailbox. The postal employee saw me and decided the best solution was for me to walk down the driveway to the mailbox even though he has seen me walking with a cane for the past two years. So he honks and honks and I yell to him to drop the package on the ground next to the mailbox. Love our government workers.

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