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You can’t teach an old Dawg new tricks.


We’re having a perfectly fine time with mom visiting – she didn’t need the step up to the bed, didn’t want the bath chair, liked the night lights and well, all is wonderfully well, except I should have brought mom’s own nightstand clock because she can’t read mine, except the no good horrible rainy weather, and except Dawg.

Dawg is so beyond verklempt, out of sorts, off kilter, pacing pacing pacing toenails clicking clicking clicking back and forth on the wood floors, all night long, because her nighttime bed routine has changed. I couldn’t let Dawg sleep in with mom and she can’t climb the stairs to be with us, so I brought her nighttime bed out into the den where she just looks at it, and refuses to go into it.

I got zero sleep last night, on the side of the bed upstairs that is closer to the door, and all night I could hear Dawg walking back and forth, to the degree I finally got up and came down and slept by her side on the sofa. It was the only way she’d calm down. Poor dear.

The rain yesterday didn’t stop us from our appointed rounds. Mom’s computer was indeed fried, hard drive done kaput, so we bought a new laptop and I spent much of yesterday setting it up for her, getting her email and favorites bar and Chrome and Norton. With Windows 10, it’s new enough for her that there’s some learning curve but I created some screen shots picture book of how to’s that if she forgets how to turn the computer off (could they make the Power Off any tinier?), she’ll have a visual reference.

Everyone coming here between 10 and 11am – looks like rain will hold off enough to try and eat outside, try. With grandkidlets here, eating inside is never as much fun.

Happy Mother’s Day. It’s a wonderful rare treat to have my 99-year old mom be with me on this day and when the girls come, three generations of strong EOS women will be in full force.  Yay us.

Hope the weather where you are is better than here. Have a good one folks.


Mom just tripped over Dawg and took a pretty healthy fall, clunking to the kitchen floor. Dawg was on a rug in the kitchen, mom standing to her left. When mom stepped back, she didn’t see Dawg and fell over backwards. She didn’t hit her head, thankfully, but she took a while to get up, rubbing her knee. My heart was racing. Dawg didn’t know what all the ruckus was and mom in her best I Can Do it tone, stood up.

It’s easy to not see Dawg, and all the things I put in place so she wouldn’t trip or slip, I never thought it would be Dawg that would get her.

She’s okay but Lord, what a tumble. I need a stiff bourbon.

17 thoughts on “It’s true…Updated….

  1. The sun is out in Greenwich. Have a wonderful day. I’m having brunch with other empty-nester widow moms whose kids live too far away to come over.

  2. Can you carry Dawg upstairs with you so at least she’s not stressed?

    Happy Mother’s Day.

      1. I think you posted this yourself a while back. Get Mr. EOS to craft a doggy stair lift.

        1. I think I did use that YT video once – I don’t remember why.

          The chances of us needing to sleep upstairs again are slim to none but if we did sleep upstairs regularly, yes, this would be necessary.

  3. Our last two dogs- a Lab and an Australian shepherd- were sturdy, solid girls. One had trouble climbing stairs while the other had problems going down them. Their last couple of years were hard on us all.
    However, I wonder why Dawg can’t share your/her bedroom with your Mom. Does Dawg snore too loudly? Maybe Dawg wants to be protective of your Mom.
    We don’t have a dog any longer but love to visit friends with them.

    1. Dawg’s bed in our bedroom is extra large and sits at the foot of the bed and sticks out a bit, so much so that I worried that mom would trip. Plus, Dawg snores like a banshee and move around alot. I worried that it would keep mom up. When you aren’t usd to certain sounds, all sounds are distracting. The heat went on one night and it woke her. That’s why I felt Dawg should not be in there.

  4. In that case, sleep on the sofa. That way, you, Dawg, Mom and Mr. EOS will all get some sleep. It’s only for a week. Pretend you’re camping.

    1. She’s one tough bird. She’s better than I am.
      I’m not sure even a glow in the dark coat would have worked. It was that Dawg was behind her so it was unknown and unexpected to find Dawg behind her.

  5. You could spend all week worrying whether Mom would trip. She got it out of the way early . It won’t happen again.
    I’m impressed she got right back up. Good for her!

    1. What’s odd is by nature I am NOT a worrier.I guess it’s that mom is rarely here for such a long time – her default is my sister’s apartment in the city, so I feel a sense of protecting her that I might not otherwise.

  6. Can you try putting some article of clothing that smells like you in her dog bed-a sweater, a robe, a throw-something that lets her know she hasn’t been thrown to the dogs (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Lie down with her for a while and then creep upstairs. Bibi

    1. She sleeps with a blanket of mine, her security blanket so to speak. She slept okay last night even though I did go upstairs.

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