Oh Boy. Oh Boy. This is Gonna be Fun Fun Fun.

Number One son brought me a drone to play with, to learn how to use. I took some video using my Panasonic camera but darn, it’s that stupid format .mts that I can’t drop into WordPress so I have to change it to show here.


There’s an app to download too, FreeFlight, that works the drone. If it doesn’t kill me landing, I’ll post the video later. What does worry me a bit is the drone has its own Wi-Fi. Hmmmmm, should I be concerned? Are the Russians watching me??? Should I call Comey?

Here’s a screenshot still from the video footage. Here’s lookin’ at YOU kid.


Number One son takes after his mamma!


More later……………….

3 thoughts on “Oh Boy. Oh Boy. This is Gonna be Fun Fun Fun.

  1. You ought to take it to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation for wide open space training. Since these crafts don’t make much noise, I don’t think anyone would complain…

    1. First things first. Downloading the app and remembering how to turn the drone on.

      I do plan to take it to a public place. Maybe Bedford Park early in the morning. Here I suspect I’ll get it hung up in the trees.

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