Not exactly team spirit 

More adults acting like bratty two year olds throwing hissy fits that Spirit Airlines cancelled nine flights in Fort Lauderdale. 

What is the matter with people today?? Sure, cancelled flights are a pain and for some, might mean being late for or missing an event, but holy cow, a brawl, pushing airport police, leaving handcuffed? 

Have we lost all civility today? Is causing a fight the new norm? Is it because of social media? Getting fifteen minutes of fame or hoping for a lawsuit settlement? Or is it just that the whole world is angry? 

I don’t get it. I’ve certainly been frustrated over some travel issues but nothing ever that would cause me to shout and shove. These angry people are all aboard flights today, the one who insists on keeping their phone on, the one who hogs both armrests, the one who takes forever putting luggage in the overhead. 

I hope every last one of these brawlers gets fined and permanently banned from flying Spirit. Although it begs the question why anyone would fly Spirit Airlines in the first place!! 

7 thoughts on “Not exactly team spirit 

  1. The main reason don’t fly to see my son and grandchildren in California more often is the flying experiences are horrid. It’s not even one airline worse than another. It’s the travelers who are insane. I’m half tempted to start taking the train out west.

    1. The train would be worse. Trust me. I took it from Penn Station to Chicago once. I thought I wouldn’t live to see another day.

      We drive most places. My husband has become afraid of flying so we share the driving and don’t mind.

      1. Ha ha. Long gone are the days of glorious train rides. Agree the train would be hell on earth.

        I’d love to drive everywhere (within reason) but Mr. EOS hates to drive so that leaves me behind the wheel the whole trip. I can do it but I’d prefer to share.

  2. I think you’re right on all counts as to the lack of civility. I also think we can factor in the character of many (not all) of the Spirit passengers. Super low fares can be very attractive to some super low class people. Contrast the passengers on Cunard with those on, say, a Carnival cruise. I know which one I’m NOT going to choose. That said, airline travel is unpleasant at best. The airlines need to reassess their current business model which only serves to piss everyone off.

    1. I’m not sure it’s the airline model that pisses everyone off as it is the passenger who expects everything for nothing. I know it should work both ways and yes, the airlines are now making seats smaller as passengers only get wider, so there’s built in angst just boarding the plane. But still, passengers need to get a grip.

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