Bye bye comey

Someone just got a pink slip.

And not one made of lace. James Comey of the FBI got the Trump You’re Fired line.

The left and right are going crazy. It’s all just playing out so we’ll see who loves it and who hates it.

24 thoughts on “Bye bye comey

  1. It’s about time. He should have been fired in January..He lost all confidence when he came out in July not indicting Hillary.

    Some Democrats are saying this firing is legally unconstitutional and suggesting the move was done to stop the investigation between Russia and Trump.

    1. Yep.
      Pres. Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey is a “grotesque abuse of power,” legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin

    1. No. Rudy is too compromised. I hear others are suggesting him but I think the new pick must have the respect of all FBI agents from the get go.

        1. Anyone checked Hillary’s twitter feed? I can’t decide if she’ll be happy or angry.

  2. Schumer and Blumenthal are going full rant. Calling for a special prosecutor, saying all faith is lost. I’m embarrassed to have Blumenthal my senator.

    1. I took a sanity break from all the news for dinner so I missed the rantings of Blumenthal and Schumer. Hey, I’m not exactly thrilled to have Chuckie as my senator.

      A friend is watching MSNBC and their take, more specifically Chris Matthew’s take, is that Trump has to fire anyone he doesn’t have in his back pocket. Of all the crazy stupid things to say but the left is exploding with theories. EXPLODING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. More from me: In all seriousness, the left is unhinged over this firing. They say Sessions is a liar. They are saying this is the end of the world and they must do something. Their base is begging them to find a the illegal loophole so they can set in motion getting rid of Trump.

    They are all in chorus that Trump firing Yates, Preet, and now Comey are all part of a major cover-up, deeper and bigger than Watergate. That’s how unhinged they are.

    Off topic: did you know or read Bob Owens columns? He wrote about the 2nd amendment in various blog formats and yesterday took his own life, with a gun. The left went into ghoul mode, calling for more gun control.

    1. I only know of Bob Owens. I knew he was around but never read his columns. When I read of his death I had to look him up to see who he wrote for. Early tweets did not mention he took his own life, maybe out if fear for the Moms Demand loonies.

      1. Christie – NFW. Comey had to go after this latest Huma email testimony. You can tell that he lost the rank & file when they walked his sworn statements back that quickly. Want my longshot – an Ex- NYPD guy like Ray Kelly.

        1. I was being facetious about Christie. No way. No how. Ray Kelly is an interesting thought. I heard that they need to find a Garland like head. Someone whose credentials are spotless.

        2. Ray Kelly getting a lot of votes up in Conservative media today. I don’t think your idea is that far-fetched.

  4. If you dare, watch CNN MSNBC CBS this morning. Words like ominous, illegal, criminal, suspicious, collision, bought. The MSM can’t contain themselves. Morning Joe is hysterical. Go watch.

    1. Ha. I watched 5.2 minutes of MoJo before I couldn’t breathe from laughing so hard. They are the poster children for panties in a bunch. All conspiracy theories that Trump did this because he’s guilty of Russian collusion. More power to you for watching CNN. CBS went over to the dark side when Trump was elected. I’m watching Maria Bartiromo.

      1. I’m ‘watching’ a lot of channels with no sound.
        Reading the ticker tape, listen to Syrius
        I hate shouting….from both sides
        Discovery Channel has Airplane Repo….now that’s a new one fir me

        1. The ticker tape is just as annoying. Could CNN have any bugger BREAKING NEWS banner? I don’t think so.

          Airplane repo -that is a new one.

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