May The 4th be with you

Today is Star Wars Day, I guess because today is May 4th and it’s a pun on may the force be with you? Truth be told, I’ve only seen ONE Star Wars movie, the very first one back in 1977. I was living on the Vineyard then and memory serves me we had to go off-island to see this where there was a big enough screen. The first one intrigued me, but not the genre, thus, no more for me. I think I’m alone in my rejection of the movies since there’s certainly mania around every new sequel that comes out.


In other news from outer space, Joe It’s All About Me Scarborough and Mika I’m Never Happy Brzezinski announced their engagement.


This comes as no surprise to anyone who breathes. From all the miles they traveled together during the primary to Joe becoming a Trump hater to match Mika’s point of view, this love affair was destined. Hey, if it’s love, go for it. Stranger bedfellows have happened. Maybe now Mika will smile more than once a year.

My gardeners are here today cleaning up the beds for spring. The lawn guys are mowing the weeds and dandelions. I feel like such a slacker. The gardeners get here at 7 and when the beds are really bad, they stay a good 12 hours. That’s hard work.

The good news is the lilac is in full bloom….


and the pollen is everywhere. Yellow table!


But the sun is bright. Life is good. So I say, go Fourth! 🙂

16 thoughts on “May The 4th be with you

  1. I can smell the lilac from here! Happiest memory from childhood was swinging up into the lilac bushes on my backyard swing and inhaling that lovely scent. Second to none, in my book, during the spring.

        1. Agree. There are too many R’s who hate this new bill for it to pass – it’s not repeal and replace like Trump promised, it’s still O’Care light.

        2. Miss Graham isn’t as optimistic

          A bill — finalized yesterday, has not been scored, amendments not allowed, and 3 hours final debate — should be viewed with caution.

    1. Forgot about that little incident! Run Mika Run. Run faster than the wind.

      Joe doesn’t have the most stellar marriage record and for Mika to leave her husband after 23 years says the”chemistry” she and Joe admit to having off-stage as well as on-stage must be yowsa!

      Is it just me or does Joe have MORE hair now than he did in that photo?

        1. I used to and did during the primary season. Once Trump won and they went full hate mode, I changed. I’m all Fox Biz now, Maria in the morning and Charles Payne at 6pm.

      1. I’m sorry to say this, but, from the few times I’ve watched that show, Mika (likable little minx that she is) always appears to be at least a sandwich short of a full picnic and Joe always seems like a controlling asshole.

        1. My water just went all over the counter. Great, and accurate, comment.

          But perhaps that’s why they are a match. Unlikable both, in a co-dependent relationship where they tell each other that they are the last two great humans on the planet. I give the marriage about five years. I can’t decide who I think will be the one to kill the other and be a Dateline two hour episode with Lester Holt.

          Thankfully Mika is too old to bear more Scarborough low hanging fruit.

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