I’ve passed my own healthcare bill 

Note that Anytime Fitness is NEXT to Carvel!
In celebration of the House passing a healthcare plan, I stopped in at Carvel for a junior swirl cone. Mmmm. 

Trump calling this a victory. Daily Kos and Chris Murphy are a little less enthusiastic. Note the identical scare language. Pathetic. 

How do you feel about this vote? Charles Payne asked the question better than I. 

13 thoughts on “I’ve passed my own healthcare bill 

  1. >Step in the right direction.

    The Dems are out in full voice today, Pelosi and Schumer denouncing the plan as rubbish. It’ll be all uphill to get it passed in the Senate. Trepidation at the happy dance on TV now by Trump and House Rs. Could come back to bite them in the arse.

    1. That’s how I feel. I was in the car while Trump was speaking but had it on the radio. I was squirming in my seat listening to the puffery intro by Pence. Gag. Big hurdle to go from House to law.

  2. Won’t pass in Senate. Lots of high-fivving for naught.

    The poll, Step in the Right Direction.

        1. Of all the concerts I’ve attending in my life, I had no finer time that at a gospel choir festival. I was about the only white person in the place – it was rocking as you might imagine. Luckily this was before the days of white appropriation so I felt I could get down and boogie. I have a few gospel music CD’s I play around Christmas and some are on my iPhone. You just can’t feel bad listening to gospel music, no matter how bad a day you’ve had.

  3. This Health Insurance Mess is beginning to sound like the Real Estate Subprime Mortgage Meltdown. None of this will end well. Health insurance salespeople will be the new mortgage refinancers.
    People will be switching policies for a cheaper plan. That is the goal of promoting competion.

    1. I’m not sure how the new plan will play out and if it will end up being a boon or a boondoggle. I do note that many people are happy the new plan eliminates all the Obama mandates – taxing those who didn’t choose to get healthcare, taxing employers who don’t provide healthcare. Good riddance. I didn’t see if it allows people to cross state lines for a cheaper plan.

      The Rs mocked the Ds when they passed Obamacare without knowing what was in it yet unfortunately, the Rs just did the same. Oh well.

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