Shoprite has gone full virtue Signaling 

Shoprite has completely redesigned my store, and from what I read, they are redesigning all their stores “to reflect shoppers preferences”.

HOGWASH. My preference isn’t limes, pineapples, and watermelon as I walk in the door.

This is pure messaging to shoppers from the grocery chains, that fruit should be high on your list, and in my store, fruit trumps veggies. The produce is moved farther back, jammed in a couple of display areas, with plenty of rotten moldy onions.

I don’t have any idea if moving the fruit forward will sell fruit faster or if shoppers will be instantly slimmer and feel more smug that they bought so much fruit, but I’ll buy darn well what I want to buy, no matter where you put it. So there. I don’t need no stinking visual lectures on what’s good for me. The chips are in aisle 7. Ask me how I know! 

Add a total non-sequitor, this great HRC cartoon posted after her Mea Culpa Not Mea Culpa yesterday.

I see Comey is speaking today so here’s my question: Did Hillary know Comey was scheduled to address Congress today and time her accusations at Comey knowing full well he’d have to address them today? Or was it pure coincidence, ya know, the same kind of coindence that Bubba and Loretta Lynch met on the same tarmac? 

Chilly chilly day again today. Who’s got a favorite horse at the Kentucky Derby? I’m going for Practical Joke at 20-1.

18 thoughts on “Shoprite has gone full virtue Signaling 

  1. Irap vs. Battle of Midway. Where is all this culture war going?

    Note to self: Buy more Bourbon.

    1. I’m going to study the horses today. I haven’t seen any photos of the entrants yet. I’m shallow. I go by their looks!

      Our trip to the Hudson brewery assured us plenty of bourbon on hand!

  2. I’ve had two big bags of mostly rotten onions lately….wonder if it’s something in the air. The weather is fairly nice this afternoon, but there is sooooooo much pollen it’s even bothering me. Husband (asthma and allergies has demanded closed windows for the past few days.

    Our spur of the moment science project is attempting to hatch some chickens. I’m hoping we don’t have any deformities…it’s surprisingly difficult to maintain a steady temperature.

    1. The last two times I’ve hunted for onions I’ve left empty handed. All rotten.

      My furniture went from brown to yellow. A thick coat of pollen on the floors too. I don’t have allergies thankfully. It’s a lot of pollen.
      Take photos of your chicken hatching experiment. What will you do with the chicks??

      1. Well, if we manage to hatch any, the boys will have a couple of weeks to raise them/play with them. Then we have a little farm down the street and she agreed to take them. If we can get one to live to three months, it could be dinner–another life lesson. Thanks for the reminder to photograph it!

        1. Those are all good lessons. When the kids were little we had pigs and sheep. The kids came with us up to Duchess County where the pigs became bacon and chops. The sheared sheep wool was donated to a local weaver and when we sold the farm, the sheep became chops too. Agree it’s important for kids to see the whole process.

  3. I fully endorse this tweet:

    1. Rob has thrown a few good tweets out there lately. What does Rob do for a living these days? Is he making movies or going a Netflix series? Flipping burgers?

      Speaking of Netflix, I saw that the Roseanne Show is returning with the whole cast. Somehow they have to make Dan alive again à la Bobby in Dallas. Did you ever watch Roseanne? It’s on TVLand or Nick at Night still.

      1. I learned all my early snark (and its proper delivery) from Roseanne – gotta say, John Goodman was the perfect partner and any re-do needs to include him.

        1. Her show was really trailblazing. She highlighted (and was a) Deplorables before the term became known. The elites I know thought Roseanne and the show was white trash personified and never watched it. She herself is a bit of a whackadoodle (marrying Tom Arnold was not a sane person’s move). I think she was an early Bernie supporter and definitely a HillaryHater but seems to be fond of Trump and his relationship with Israel.
          Goodman is a good actor. I saw him recently on Broadway in the remake of Front Page. He’s much shorter than I expected him to be.

          I hope Johnny Galeki (sp?) returns as David. But with Sara Gilbert gay in real life, I suspect they’ll out Darlene. The big question: which Becky will return??? I liked Becky #1.

        2. Ha! I always thought Darlene was pretty much portrayed as a carpet muncher on the show, but, she had David as a bit of side recreation and he could do her bidding as her reward to him – but, yeah, but complex characters in a white trash setting – who knew white people could hurt and have feelings? Agreed about the first Becky.

        3. I didn’t get that Darlene vibe watching it back then. I do remember thinking she was pretty butch but didn’t know she was gay in real life. They made David’s character kinda sweet and soft to make up for Darlene’s dark edgy side.

      1. We’re expecting between 40-50 people, praying it’s nice enough to be outside but prepared to be inside if need be.

        1. Wow, you must be popular. I don’t know 40-50 people, let alone have that many to a party.

          The Derby Party we’ve always gone to in RI the hosts ask guests to bring an edible on a disposable tray. Most come with things like shrimp or crackers and dip but then there’s ham and biscuits, roast beef and biscuits, sushi, tea sandwiches. Etc. Paper plates for taking a few things then chatting. Two huge open bars at opposite ends of the house. Ice ice ice. Get plenty of it then buy more. Limes lemons by the gross. Stirrers. Booze and tonic. Water.

          Are you having a betting option for your guests? If yes, let me know and I’ll tell you how the party we attended did it. Very clever.

        2. The hosts printed out the names of each horse then photocopied pages of each, cut the names into long strips, put the strips in a hat or other deep container. Guests paid $1.00 per strip, buy as many as you want. Draw the winner, get $10 back.

          One person needs to be designated the banker/treasurer and we never asked what the host family did with the extra cash not paid out in wins. I suspect they (rightfully) kept it to defray the $$$$$ dollars in booze and set up. This was a huge party annually (100+ neighbors), that Mr. EOS’s parents went to before Mr. EOS started. That’s how many years it’s been happening. The host family, just last year, called it quits – the party got too big with people there no one knew. Understandable.

          The Official Kentucky Derby website has a link to how to plan your own party, with betting suggestions and recipes.

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