Was it all Just a Phantom?

Rolls Royce Phantom.I-02

Almost two weeks ago I called Cablevision. I find I don’t use my DVR player at all, rather I use the whole house boxes that I have in all the other rooms with TVs. The only thing the whole house boxes don’t do is rewind live TV and since the whole house boxes hold what you tape in the cloud, you can only press Hold for 15 minutes versus the DVR that records to a hard drive so a pause can be up to an hour.

At $12.95 per DVR box, it seemed a waste of money for something I don’t use it for its intended purpose. So I called Cablevision and had a chat with a nice young man.

He told me I could return the box to my nearest Cablevision store and when I explained that there is NOT one near to me, he said, yes, I see, the nearest one is in Norwalk CT. That’s a hoof. I asked if a service man could come swap out the box and he told me I’d incur a charge, upwards of $80. No thanks. Then I asked if he could simply mail me a new whole house box and I would return my DVR in the same box.

Sure, that’s fine. We can do that. He added it will take about 5-7 business days for the box to arrive.

Fast forward to today. Oddly, no box. So on my list to do, call Cablevision. One ringy-dingy….I get lovely Kayla who goes to look up the conversation I had with the last customer service agent and lo and behold, she found no such conversation was recorded in their system. To Cablevision, I didn’t call. I had no discussion about having a new box sent nor returning the old one. No notation that he told me how long it would take to come. Nothing. It didn’t happen.

Lord, how old am I?? I know I called. I know I had a long phone conversation with a man who seemed so helpful. I usually note such conversations in my calendar and write down the name of the person to whom I spoke, but alas, that day I didn’t.

ANYWAY, Kayla said she would send out someone Thursday, at no cost to me, and he would swap out the old DVR for a new whole house box. Huh, that was easy.

I’m still scratching my head why someone would deliberately ignore my earlier call, not even bother to log it in. Makes no sense to me. But the savings grace is that the woman to whom I spoke today made up for his stupidity. Well, let’s wait until Thursday to be sure. A little Twilight Zone music please.

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  1. It’s a vast left-wing conspiracy. I called our XFinity (formerly known as Comcast) to schedule a service appointment. The time came and went. No one showed up so I called irritated and I got sass back, the man telling me there was no appointment for me scheduled.

    Joe Scarborough said Trump has dementia like his mother. And the press wants us to think they have no agenda.

        1. I’m not a fan of boycotting advertisers. I don’t think it accomplishes anything and every person on the planet has some gripe, both sides of the aisle want THEIR peeps to boycott this and that. Not for me.

  2. There is actually a well disguised and little known small Cablevision office in Mamaroneck just off I-95 that I used to drop off our equipment when we moved. It was quicker and easier than going from Riverside to their Norwalk office.

  3. My theory: the nice young man discovered that he had given you incorrect information and so deleted every possible trace of your call he could find. In the event that you called back, he did not want a blot on his record.

    1. Roland Young was surely typecast as the husband who wanted to drive daring cars. He was so often paired with Billie Burke as his wife that people thought they were married. In the Topper film when he drove that 36 Buick Gilmore Special

      PS: Searching the Gilmore car photos, I found so many Gilmore neat trucks, buses, and what looks like here, the precurser to the VW bus.

      1. Huh? I’ve never seen that Gilmore Special. Maybe it’s where Harley Earl got the idea for his LeSabre

        I’ve been looking up the wrong Gilmores

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