At Least We’re Not in Kansas, Toto

Pretty bad start to May for many folks in the Midwest, slammed with snow…


Thankfully here, no snow but dang, it’s cold. Cold enough that Dawg was actually shivering so I turned a couple of thermostats back on. But not just for her. It’s kinda misty raining but not really raining, maybe more dew from the fog. It’s miserable, that’s what it is. Miserable.

I imagine the bad weather in the Midwest is going to hamper all the Rise and Resist protests today, sponsored by your local strong-arm communist unions.


The Climate gurus were busy marching yesterday, so busy hating Trump that they forgot to clean up after themselves. But heck yeh, they REALLY care about the earth.


There IS good news today. Princess Charlotte will be two tomorrow and the royal family honored her with a photo released today, taken by mom Kate. Deliciously cute.


And for those of you waiting with bated breath, Kelly Ripa has announced her new co-host, after the quick departure of Michael Strahan and months of hosting the show alone. Ryan Seacrest. That should make the two people left who actually watch this show happy, I guess. I left when Reeege did. He was the anchor who made that show work. Kelly, not so much.


For the rest of you trying to make it through Monday, here’s encouragement:


17 thoughts on “At Least We’re Not in Kansas, Toto

  1. Heat on in my place too. I can’t stand days like this because I get blue and when I’m blue, I eat and never anything good.

    I stopped watching Regis years ago. Even he got tedious, and old. But agree, without him, the show is nothing unique. Regis had the one ability the show is now missing – a talent for telling a story about nothing, like you do!

    1. Um, thank you? Not sure if that’s a compliment or a dig.

      I had oatmeal for breakfast on May 1. A hot steaming bowl of winter food. I feel like I should have hot tea and put a sweater on too. It’s dismal.

    1. Do you watch CBS This Morning? I used to until Trump won then they all went on such a Trump hate that I can’t watch them anymore. Charlie is smug. Norah is pretentious. Gayle is fun loving but decidedly in the Obama camp, thus being a Trump hater.

      What did they hope to accomplish by being in the WH today?

      1. So, why were they let in?
        Trump seems to be testing main stream news.
        The end of Face the Nation interview was #itsover

        1. Testing mainstream news? He’s outright mocking them, rightfully so. Deface the Nation was spot on. Dickerson as smirky as Rose. But no one tops the arrogance of Chuck Todd. Mercy.

  2. Tried to order soup for lunch today, but Garden Catering in OG said soup was a “seasonal item” and that they stopped having it as of May 1.

    1. No soup for you.
      [That was too easy]

      I was waiting for you to say they weren’t having soup today because Trump loves soup and because it’s May Day protests….you know, the yada yada.

    1. Imagine stumbling in one night after a bender at the bars, seeing this website and saying oh mother of god…..

      I see the peeps behind Hillary Beat Trump are in a snit over Samantha Bee “appropriating” some of their material in her Not the WHCD special. Ha, serves her right.

        1. You wonder how these two people, whose entire existence is to be against everything, can survive without any good juju in their system. They feed off each other’s hate of something or someone else. He looks miserable in that photo.

          I guess if they have a child, Jones was a Do Bee at least once. Most often I’d guess he’s a Don’t Bee. 🙂

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