New moon. Low tide. Heavier Than a Tree. And Just In, Yesterday’s Sunset Sky.

Scroll to bottom to see additional photos, taken by SoundBeacher. 

From Earth Image, with the new moon, low tide yesterday in Greenwich.

The ripples in the sand almost look like the beach was raked. Beautiful.

CosHarbour’s Sunday pic is one step up from last week’s tree on the roof terrace. 70 Vestry, a gorgeous new and pricy Robert Stern building, is going up fairly quickly thanks to huge façade pieces being lifted and put in place. Voilà. CH adds a juicy tidbit about the building – that Tom and Gisele have purchased a $20m five-bedroom unit on the 12th floor. Go Patriots!

Gray start to Sunday. Yesterday, with all the windows and doors wide open, and a pretty good breeze, the countertops and furniture are all covered in yellow pollen. Yuck.

Dawg had an okay night although once I got her outside last night before bedtime, she was gone what seemed like an endless amount of time and I paced and fretted. She made it back but was disoriented. She slept okay so that’s the good news.

Nothing planned for today. Still in pjs sipping coffee and laughing out loud at the whiny speech given by the president of Reuters last night at the WH Correspondents Dinner minus the WH saying the media is not fake. And they are earnest and dedicated to seeking the truth. Right.

Have a great Sunday.

Additional: From Sound Beacher, also in Greenwich:

We took an evening walk last night and it was such a Glorious Day.   This was low tide in the Cove.  These pics make you feel God’s Glory. 






10 thoughts on “New moon. Low tide. Heavier Than a Tree. And Just In, Yesterday’s Sunset Sky.

  1. we in-land residents drool seeing photos you coastal folk walking on your own town beach. it’s a gift that keeps on giving. i got sidewalks, that’s it.

    as for 70 vestry, no way would i want to live in that location. even on the 12th floor, the noise from west street and the neighborhood congestion getting to holland tunnel, not for $20m.

  2. Great shots Earth Image. Is that an unusually low tide?

    I played golf this morning, tee time 7:00am. Had an 96, three-putted too many greens and shanked a lot of drives. Once a duffer, always a duffer.

    1. Lucky you to get on the links today. It’s not something I’ve ever heard you mention before. Maybe that’s why you had a 96?? 🙂

      My mom was going to try and get to the club today to hit a bucket of balls. She doesn’t like to play on weekends when the course is crowded. It’s chilly here today, the sun is gone and I have a sweater on. No golf. No nothing I think.

    2. New Moon Low Tide was my title. At sunrise, both the moon and sun are near each other in the sky on the eastern horizon, so all the water is over there on the European side of the Atlantic. Add that to high pressure coming in, and the weight of the atmosphere presses down on the water with more force, keeping water off shore.

      1. Yes, credit where credit is due. New Moon Low Tide was EI’s title. I should have noted such.

        Thanks too for the explanation of why the tide seemed extra low.

  3. Chilly, sunny, lazy afternoon here as well. More and more of my tennis pals are hanging up their racquets and turning to golf. I never had much luck on the golf course but those cute, new, deck shoe looking golf shoes could get to try again.

    1. I grew up playing golf, in a golf family. Our vacations were always where there was a golf course. We talked about missed putts at the dinner table. We hosted juniors playing in tournaments. I even won a tourney or two in the day. Alas, we don’t play much at all yet Mr. EOS is ready to take it back up again too. Like you said, the tennis racquet is hung up.

  4. How rare is it that we get a morning and a night sky in one post? Beautiful morning and evening photos. Thanks to your readers.

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