Hop Aboard the EOS Soullllllllllllll Train


Here I am dancing in my groovy platform shoes, Mr. EOS on the right in the black pants, giving me that damnyou fine, woman look.

I loved watching Soul Train (yes I did). My recollection was it was on Saturday mornings but even if that’s wrong, what I can’t forget is the smoooooooth voice of Don Cornelius, of you can bet your last money, it’s all gonna be a stone gas, honey! I’m Don Cornelius, and as always in parting, we wish you love, peace and soul! fame! Until he killed himself with a gun. Oops. So much for peace.

Not to be confused with the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose. Here Mr. EOS and I are again, on Soul Train, dancing to one of the Cornelius Brothers hits.

So, on this chilly and non-sunny Sunday, I’m downloading a whole bunch of 70s disco tunes to my iPhone, like Bee Gees, Tavaras, Trammps, Silver Convention, The Hues Corporation, McFadden and White Whitehead, Rick James, one of my favorites, You and I. The ONLY way to listen to this song is full bore volume, rock the house, rock the speakers, rock the car. Amirite?

I downloaded three Shalamar songs. Three. All groovy.

maxresdefault (1)

The Tavares Brothers were an anomoly in the soul music world because they weren’t black. They hailed from New Bedford Mass with Cape Verde Portuguese roots but they were one of my favorites.

Lousy video, but you get the drift. Note: Mr. EOS is up on the elevated dance circle, right, doing the splits. You don’t think I married him for his money, do you??

NO 70s downloading would be complete without some Michael Jackson or the Jackson Five. Love this one.

Here’s your Sunday quiz:

Name the song I downloaded sung by McFadden and White. Without looking them up. First one to answer correctly gets my 1970s fringed vest, or my old Frye Boots (not to be confused with the idiot trustafarians who bought tickets to the Frye Festival and got hosed – that’s post for another day!).

Now pardon me while I go dance. Get down. Get the funk outa my face.

10 thoughts on “Hop Aboard the EOS Soullllllllllllll Train

  1. YOUR BEST POST EVER. Will it hurt your feelings if I tell you my parents loved that music too? 🙂

  2. Hey, get your soul acts right, it’s McFadden and Whitehead.

    Here I am, part of their backup group. Considering this was their only hit, I’m fairly sure I win.

    1. XXOO. Great find dear friend. And thanks for the correction. Duly noted soul sister. You win.

      I can’t fit into my fringed vest anymore. No offense, but I don’t think you can either. So there.

  3. I was more hard rock than disco funk but these tunes got me ready to boogie and I am a terrible dancer. Just ask my wife. She’s mortified when I get on the dance floor.

    I snorted at the damn, you fine, woman remark. That’s exactly what that guy is thinking. And he’s right. She is fine, super fine.

  4. Looking at these wonderful time capsules of the 70s and how blacks were revered for their brilliant musical talents, it makes me wonder why today’s acts have lost this funkalicious side. Maybe they feel it’s too black? Just asking…

    1. Great question. I look at Beyoncé and I see a well created commodity cash register, a formula that certainly sells well for her but I find rather white.

  5. Well, did you watch DreamGirls on network TV last night? Is that what brought this music thru memory lane post? We did and last week we saw Gladys Knight; she was at the Palace in Stamford and she still has her chops. She did a Stan Smith song an Adele song and her back up singers did a tribute montage to Prince. They were all great and of course she did her Motown songs and had great stories to tell. A great show, she’s 72 and can really sing!

    1. No, I missed Dream Girls last night. Loved it on Broadway. I was reminded recently of the Broadway play that was all on rollerblades, Starlight Express. Maybe that’s what sent me on a disco hunt today.

      So many of the 70s superstars are still going strong. We were wedding crashers at Gladys Knights nuptials when we were guests at the Ritz Laguna Nigel Dana Point back in 2001. Our room balcony overlooked the ceremony. It was before the days of cell phone videos that I could have sold to TMZ. Drat.

      Ridgefield Playhouse also gets great oldie acts.

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