Wait. What is that in the sky??

It’s the sun. The sun. Something we haven’t seen in so long.

It’s almost hot today, close to 80 degrees. But am I complaining? I think not. Half way through my round of chores, I had to take off my sweater. It was that warm.

Since I needed more coffee beans, I popped in to Starbucks for an Iced Grande Soy Chai. I was done sipping it before I got back home.


Now time to unpack the groceries, and get outside in the sun.

Dawg, on the other hand, is balking at going out at all. I have to gently nudge her to get outside anymore, even in the morning. She used to love sitting in the sun and never hesitated first thing to go out to pee. Now, I have to coax her. I know her health is rapidly declining. Her sight and hearing are all but shot, to the degree we’ve had family discussions about putting her down. There won’t be any sunshine that day so for now, let’s enjoy the sun and stay positive.

Hope your Friday is going well.

4 thoughts on “Wait. What is that in the sky??

  1. Very sad thinking it’s time to put down Dawg. We had to make that decision twice in our dog-owning life. It’s gut wrenching. Let’s be positive.

  2. You are only one person in the world,
    But you are the world to one person.
    Words especially valid for animal relationships.

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