It May be time to buy Audio Books for my mom



Mom is a pretty avid reader, from a daily newspaper to the computer, to books and magazines but her eyesight (even though getting her drivers license back!!) is not good enough for reading. She’s got magnifiers, got reading glasses, has large print books but she said the other day she’d like to try audio books.

She has one audio book CD but she plays it in the only thing she owns that holds a CD player, a cheap CD-radio combo that’s hard to see the play/stop buttons.


So what is the best option? An iPad with an Audible subscription and good headphones? I’d love your suggestions.

6 thoughts on “It May be time to buy Audio Books for my mom

  1. I use an Audible subscription on my iPhone with Logitech H800 over the top stereo headphones by bluetooth connection, or optional USB remote sender from a computer. Libraries will lend audio-books by email or streaming.

    The phones work great with an iPad too, reaching about 3 rooms distant from the device. If a call comes in, it pauses and resumes automatically,

    1. I think an iPad is the answer. She has wi-fi at home. She, like many of us in the family, can’t wear ear bud head phones so I’ll find her an old-school headband type that I use.

      Thanks for the advice.

  2. My Kindle has audio for almost all books. I never used it so don’t know quality.
    But, for sure, Kindle is easiest to use.

    1. My Kindle was the first iteration of them. I still have it but it collects dust now. Might be eligible for Antiques Roadshow one day.

  3. I use the iPad with Audible but I’m more fond of downloading books from the Greenwich library. It’s free and just as easy to use. Check out what’s available through the library system in DE.

    1. Thanks. Great idea. It think that might be easier for her than the Audible app. I found a video of how to open an use the Audible app and I’m not sure my mother can handle the many sequences.

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