I’m Gathering all the Neighbors Pets and Setting Sail


The rain the rain the rain – yet again today, so depressingly dismal for the psyche and for going and doing.

I’m a sunshine person – in personality and in how my brain functions. I need that mental boost of the bright sun to start the day with enthusiasm.

Looks like the rain will continue on and off all day. For RI as well as here. I can’t stand it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dawg hates it too as she spends zero time outside in this weather, except peeing and pooping as fast as she can then begging to come back in.

Last night I watched The Fighting Sullivans on TCM, a movie I’ve seen many times before but couldn’t resist again. So good.  I’m a movie-watching wuss, weeping like a baby at the end. Note: you do not want to go with me to a sappy movie. I’ll embarrass you with my sobbing.

Photo: US Naval Historical Center

Nothing else on the agenda today. Sorry to be so boring. Have a good one and hopefully wherever you are, you’ve got sunshine. Peter? Riverside Dog Walker? Earth Image? Rub it in, tell us Florida sunshine is swell today.


35 thoughts on “I’m Gathering all the Neighbors Pets and Setting Sail

  1. Let’s go to the movies. I want to see Gifted, which has gotten mixed reviews but mostly positive. A tear-jerker though so bring kleenex.

  2. Sunny and warm for the moment but the forecast is for some rain later today, afternoon into the early evening. The Keys might get more rain than we will in Miami.

      1. That was the first one. There’s a new Arleigh Burke class destroyer with the same name.

        Can’t cut and paste the photo for some reason. It’s common for ship names to be re-used.

        Decommissioning a ship means that it is still part of the Navy, but that it is off active service (in “mothballs”) with most of its operational equipment removed. Still can be reactivated in the future if need be.

        The Navy has a Naval Vessel Registry. When a ship is transferred by the US Navy to some other entity, its name is “struck” (crossed off) from the registry.

        1. It happens, especially in cases where a person’s name has been used. Destroyer/frigate classes have almost exclusively been named after Navy people for quite some time (along with aircraft carriers more recently). Since there are more of them, there are more that need to be named and there are only so many people “worthy” of a ship name.

        2. LT John H. Furse, Class of 1901. Killed aboard the USS Illinois in 1907.

          A Gearing class destroyer. Class & lead ship named after three generations of tin can officers including the last one who was killed on the same ship as the Sullivan brothers.

  3. Loads of rain yesterday. Drizzly and dismal today here, too. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for fog. I’m blaming my lack of ambition on the barometer.

    1. Great rendition, better than the original. Love the harmony. Who of that bunch is still alive? Crosby’s sperm is the daddy for a Melissa Ethridge baby. I’m trying to think why, if I had a choice of any sperm, would I choose Crosby? I’m not coming up with any answer.
      More power to you to live in whackadoodle California. Sure is sunny and warm and beautiful but lord, the politics.

      1. I think they’re all still above ground (fat, old David still next door to me in Woodside). If you ask me, it would be closing time at the bar before taking a chance with Melissa The Schnozz Ethridge. Yes, California is wHAckY, but, I still love it!

  4. Loved the chords in this version. Here Comes The Sun can be played in the first year of piano lessons!
    Feels good to hear it today!🌝

    1. That’s extraordinary. Not only the choreography but the choreographer and how that scene came together. Lots of new vocabulary words. Krumper? And one other term she referred to one guy. Can’t remember it now. A two word term but I didn’t know it.
      Thanks. That was fun watching. Really fun.

  5. Do you go into soft rock heaven too when you hear music like that? I sang with a group in college- best time of my life- we sang for our supper in a local hotel every few weeks. Lord, I miss it. Voice long gone- shades of Mary in Peter, Paul and Mary-nothing but a croak. Thanks for the memories.The rain, which usually gets me down, isn’t bothering me at all. Everything is so green and the flowering trees are drop dead gorgeous!. Bibi

    1. Yes, soft rock rules!

      I sang in high school and loved it. My sister sang in an a capella group in college and so did a niece. The comraderie and travel is what they remember the most.

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