I Don’t Believe this is why God invented the Rubber Band and Clothespin

Saltine crackers, c’mon folks. Make the sleeves resealable. It seems so simple a concept. First of all, the sleeves don’t even OPEN easily – you have to tug at them and when it starts to rip, they open all half-zig zagged down the sleeve.

My high-tech solution to closing Saltines.

I go even more high-tech with large bags – and NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I am NOT the one eating the cookies and the pretzels. Well, okay, some of the pretzels to get crunch in my day ( I can not tell a total lie, a white fib maybe)………..

The Levy’s Real Jewish Rye bread I buy is great toast but lousy closing the bag. A rubber band does the trick but can’t the brand simply add a reseal zip top? Would it be too expensive?

Rain has let up. My lawn guys were here, mowing etc. Two fire trucks sped up the street but returned quickly so it must have been a house alarm where the alarm company couldn’t get a hold of the owner. I think in Bedford there’s a steep incremental fine for alarms that turn out to be nothing. The way it should be.

Otherwise, I’m moosing online, trying to shop for a birthday present for a niece who’s about to turn eleven. That’s a tough age. They aren’t kids. They aren’t teens. For now I’m stumped.

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe this is why God invented the Rubber Band and Clothespin

  1. Can’t go wrong with a gift certif to Amazon. Today’s kids don’t want surprises from old fogey relatives: they want to get what _they_ want. You get to pick out a cute online Amazon gift card. For Father’s Day my son gave me an Amazon gift card with a picture of the Lion King and his cub. Melted the cockles of my heart.

    1. I may end up buying her some books. At Christmas I have her headphones for her iPod. Agree that a gift certificate works well in many occasions but I’ve historically given her a gift so to start a gift card now would feel odd.

  2. Art stuff is my default gift for that age. I usually ask their Moms for suggestions, though. Did you check Amazon for a wish list? She may have one.

    1. Funny. I am known as the Craft Giving Aunt. Always at the suggestion of her mom. I’ve given her (and her sister) everything crafty under the sun. Now that she and her sister are older and their lives are busy with school, school sports, and cultural events, crafting is not much on their plate. Plus, the last time I visited them at their summer house, I saw in a corner, a box of crafts things I got for them a couple of years ago that looked practically unused.

      One book I chose already is Elephant Company, the book that Sound Beacher recommended for our spring break that we loved. I might buy another elephant book, there’s Elephant Whisperer that looks good, and call it a day. There was no specific reason I chose the book. It’s not as if she’s expressed a love for elephants. Just going out on a limb.

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