Hey, Can’t I get a little sympathy here?

Ma, I luv ya but I don’t like the sight of blood

I really did a number on my pointer finger. Such an odd way it happened too. I was scrubbing the bottom of a big pan in which I made some Dawg stew, put the stainless steel scrubby in the sink for a second, went to take it back and one strand somehow came off and caught UNDER the lip of the stainless drain surround.


I grabbed at it, not understanding the strand was caught, and it ripped my finger badly. How badly you ask? I could have written that red arrow in blood, that’s how bad the gash was.

[Sympathy here]

It took a while for the blood to stop (hand over heart) and for me to compose myself enough to get a bandaid on. I’m okay, but my, there should be a warning on these scrub pads. It was as sharp as a razor.

Who can I sue?

11 thoughts on “Hey, Can’t I get a little sympathy here?

  1. You sure you don’t need a stitch or 2?
    You should wear dish gloves when doing those pans! Ouch, I’m sympathetic. It will be hard to heal since you’ll be using and hitting it all the time on that pointer finger. :((

    1. I might need a stitch. I’m going to take the bandage off tonight and give it some air to heal and see how it is tomorrow. It’s a nuisance to text, as Peter said.

  2. If you think you need stitches, you are supposed to get them within 6 hours. There is a point when it is too late. Like waiting until the next day…
    Learned that from a kids baseball injury, fyi.

  3. Take the bandage off only to change it until you get some healing going between the two sides. Don’t use any goop like Neosporin®. Just keep it clean. Should be fine.

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