Calling all iPhone geeks and nerds. 

I’m trying to program my iPhone to ring/alarm every half hour, as a not so subtle way of telling me to get back off my butt and on the treadmill.  

So far the only way I see of doing it is setting the timer for 30 minutes and doing it over and over again. 

I tried going into the alarm feature but it doesn’t allow me to repeat other than daily. I want to set it and forget it, have it ring every thirty minutes but only during the hours I choose. Duh. 

Who knows how to do this? Or is there an app for that? 

13 thoughts on “Calling all iPhone geeks and nerds. 

  1. Doesn’t your FitBit have an alarm capability, or Notifications like an alarm? Mine does. Not that I know how to set it or have set it, just making mention.

  2. I use the calendar for alerts. Schedule events and set up how far in advance if at all you want to be notified. Might be awkward but good enough until a better solution is found

    1. A reminder app? What’s it called? Or is it one of those that appeared and you can’t undo after the 10 iOS updates?

      I just installed the reminder app called Alarmed. Still setting it up but it seems like a good solution.

      1. It is called ‘Reminders’ and the icon is a little note pad with four different colored dots on the left. It’s different from the ‘Notes’ app. On my iPhone they are side by side. No idea how or when it appeared.

  3. Alarmed. Clever name has it all:. short, to the point and kind of amusing.

    Hope it works for you.

    1. That’s what I downloaded but somehow it’s reminding me every 15 minutes instead of every thirty. I have to tweak the settings. #OldPeopleLearningCurve

    1. Ha ha ha. Those men and women are probably all saggy boobed today.

      That was at the height of the Jane Fonda leg warmers Working Woman Tess McGill big hair having a head for business and a bod for sin days.

      I go farther back, to Bonnie Prudden and Charles Bucher.

        1. MUCH! But I do have his giant juicer machine that I bought a million years ago from QVC or HSN and never use. It sits in the giant repository of unused appliances – my pantry.

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