A little to the left. No, not there. Maybe in the right corner. No, left was better.

Photo taken by resident city dweller CosHarbour of a tree delivery up on someone’s scrumptious roof garden.

One can assume that the delivery, rigging equipment and setting up cones cost what, ten times, twenty times, fifty times the cost of the tree?

But lucky peeps. Of all the things my NYC kids would kill to have, private outside space is number one. Washer and dryer in apartment second but always first and foremost outside space.

When I went to the Architectural Digest Home Show, there were many exhibits of faux plants for NYC terraces, plants and shrubs that looked so real it was impossible, even close up, to see they weren’t real.

Bur real money peeps go for the gold, real plants, real gardeners who come and water and weed. Yes please.

I’d consider this the mother of all private terraces. River views. Several seating arrangements. Dining table. Pergola for shade. Plantings but not overkill.
0506 Draghi Roof Terrace

I’d think a pergola would be critical on a hot NYC rooftop. This garden is a bit too much for me, too many drapey flowy plants, but if offered, I’d take. The fence is too high and I’d think it would stop air flow and the terrace would be too hot. Yes?

This is like a classic penthouse – sleek, open, airy, but that wall, not very tall.

This is a nice balance too. Sunshine aplenty. I’m surprised tht so many rooftop terraces choose furniture with cushions – I’d think they’d blow off in a high winds and one would alsys be rushing to put them away. Not to mention all the pigeon poop.

This one, while not large, has a nice country feel but I’d think those trees would grow so fast that it would overwhelm the space.

But why stop at a garden. Give me a rooftop pool please.

I’d die of fear in this infinity pool.
Paramount tower SZR

No thank you.

Perfect day to be blogging about pretty things because it’s the opposite here. Dark. Rainy. Chilly. Dawg isn’t even UP yet, she preferring to stay under the covers again. Smart gal. I’m always awake by 5-something, up before 6, making the coffee.

Cheers. Happy Tuesday.

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  1. Rain here in Florida too. My family in North Carolina are under a flood watch. You’ll be getting the worst later today.

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