Moanday Monday

Remember how Mr. EOS and I sailed across the ocean blue in October? Remember that we stayed in London for a week after the voyage? Remember why????????

Well, yes, because it was on our bucket list but also, gulp, I wanted a solid out for not attending my 50th high school reunion, for no reason other than I hadn’t lost enough weight to be in school magazine class photos and have people who didn’t attend ask, hey, who’s the chunko in the back row?

Guess what? Lucky me, I get another chance to see ALL those people, June 3. Whee-ha.

The mom of one of my best friends growing up died, a peer of my mom’s, also in her 99th year, the husbands were best buddies, their kids and ours were very close too, so it’s a must to drive down to Wilmington to bid farewell. I can’t NOT go.

That gives me 40 days, only 40, to get more presentable. The FitBit is charging. The cottage cheese was underwhelming for breakfast but at least the sun is out today so I can take a long walk (off a short pier??)


The humor is delicious when you think about it. We spent a good hunk of change for me to avoid my reunion, all for it to come back and bite me in my ass. Not that we didn’t have a fabulous time, most assuredly we did, but there was a teeny part of me that felt badly not gathering with so many of my old friends.

Now I get that chance. Many have already emailed me asking if I am coming, even my very first boyfriend from 10th grade who hasn’t changed one iota, not one.

Let’s see, if I lose 10 pounds every day between now and June 2….

Otherwise, nothing to report. The sky is blue, belying the forecast for pouring rain today and tomorrow. Onward soldiers. Have a good Monday.



28 thoughts on “Moanday Monday

  1. My wife empties the fridge when she goes on a diet. I get a 12-hour warning to fend for myself for all meals. It’s a win win. She feels better when she loses a few pounds and I eat out for a week. Tacos hamburgers pizza.

    1. Ha. You don’t think that didn’t already cross my mind??? 🙂

      I’ve already committed to going. My sister and her husband will be there. My mother. How would it look if I don’t show up? Lousy.

  2. I feel the same way as you and often skip reunions and other events unless I really, really have to attend. You have to show up on June 3.
    When the pictures come out from those reunions I didn’t make, I’m always surprised at how much older my classmates have gotten. Overweight, out of shape. Some had ‘little work’ done. Some a lot of work done. But, they are all smiling, happy to be there, not caring a whit about how they look in the pictures. They’re simply glad to be there. Almost makes me wish I didn’t miss the event.

    1. The women in my class who did attend are all still fit and trim and lovely. The men looked old, bald, and fat. The women have seen to taking care of themselves or, maybe the only ones to chose to go WERE the ones still fit. There were half as many women in attendance than men.

      I’ll for sure go June 3. I know I need to be there. But it’ll be tough.

        1. Jesus, that’s HYSTERICAL. I sped through the timeline, laughing out loud at almost every tweet. Although, what’s not to love about her profile:
          “baddest blind bitch. Follow At Own Risk: I tend to wander..”

          So many to choose from to drop in here. This one is great.

        2. Parody accounts get so many people in trouble these days but Amena has the art of parody down pat.

          Someone tweeted her:
          “Please close this propaganda account. The use of a child to push political agendas is beyond disgusting.”

          To which Amena replied:
          “I think you have me confuse with @AlabedBana ”


  3. Go. Buy a new pretty dress and shoes. Get your hair done. Wear sunglasses. Go in looking like the shining star you radiate to us.

  4. Fish for dinner. Every night. Salad for lunch. You can do it. My sister hired a trainer. get one for a month. Good luck. Bibi (a fellow sufferer).

    1. That’s about how I eat. I hired a trainer once, at a fat $2000+/month. A trainer to the stars in town. I actually knew him and his wife pretty well so it was creepy when he came over at 6am to make me sweat on the treadmill while he watched. I really disliked the vibe.

      1. $2000 month? I’ll come over for nothing and walk with you. Better, come into Greenwich and walk with me. The sidewalks are great for walking and chatting. Meet up at the Library.

  5. This video is Moanday Monday on steroids. Vomitous. Warning: once you see this you won’t be able to unsee it. Bill Nye has gone to a very dark place, literally!

  6. Do the green juice! You can do anything for 40 days….3 drinks a day…spinach kale celery cucumbers and green apple…you will be amazed how easy it is once you try it and you never feel hungry so you can stick to it…i wish i had done it earlier for my son’s wedding pictures but better late than never…i have been doing it for six months now though i now include ‘healthy’ food with the juice but for the first four months i just did the juicing…i lost 23 pounds! Fast…and now am at my goal weight. Worth a try…and dont stress meeting everyone…after five minutes of being with your old friends you will see how unimportant your worrying was.

    1. Your last sentence is the key!

      Kudos to you for the weight loss. I’m not a particularly structured or focused person so for me, I would have a hard time juicing for 40 days. It’s a real weakness of mine.

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