What a perfectly scrumptious Sunday 

It started pretty cold, cold enough that at dawn Dawg was still under her bedtime blanket and cold enough that dressing for going out to breakfast I put on a boiled wool jacket. 

I drove to Rye early to meet up with Boston cousins who were in NY for a bat mitzvah and we happily ate and grabbed and gabbed. By the time I left, the sun was bright and the jacket was unnecessary. Yay! 

I got home, grabbed a book for #WorldBookDay, took some coffee and spent all day outside!  

No checking the blog. No checking the phone. No TV, other than coming in for water to see LePen made it to the next round of the French election. Leave it to Politico to go there about Russia. Ha 

Hate to come inside especially hearing next week brings more rain. 

Hope you all had a good Sunday too! 

10 thoughts on “What a perfectly scrumptious Sunday 

    1. Believe it or not, this is the first one of her books I’ve bought. And I only bought it because it was about a murder aboard a luxury ocean liner. Hmmm.

      I like a good mystery – back in the late 80s and early 90s, I lived for the next letter in the alphabet series books by Sue Grafton.

  1. Politico was probably following Sean Spicier:

    Say, have we heard anything from Joe Kennedy now that Venezuela is circling the drain?

    1. The Sean Spicier account is FAR funnier than the parody Josh Earnest one or the guy before Earnest. Spicer’s name leads itself so well to being Spicier.
      Joe Kennedy? Is he still alive? Talk about irrelevant. I’m hoping one day you post a photo of Chelsea and I respond, gee who’s she? Not anytime soon I fear. She’s still at it, calling herself a social scientist this weekend. She’s one of a kind. A gift that keeps on giving. Now if SNL were real, they’d find someone to be her and do regular skits. But that might trigger mom.

      1. I should have prefaced my earlier comment by not wanting to ruin your nearly perfect day with politics, but, there it is. I hope Chelsea thing just goes away (dunno about skits on SNL – how do you write a parody of what is essentially a parody?). But, we’ll always have this:

        1. The good news about that video is the Clinton Global Initiative and the University are poof, gone, cured by Kaopectate. One small step for man, one giant leap for….

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