Now all I have to do is put it together. 

I asked Mr. EOS for a small easy non-gas powered weed whacker that I could use, that was light enough for me to carry, could be flexible to attach other tools and voila, I get the Ryobi 40-volt trimmer that has many tool ends to expand its capability. There’s a small tiller I’d like but first I thought I’d try this. 

The weeds on the flagstone patio, despite being sprayed with weed killer and despite having the landscape crew using their weed whacker at them, still grow like wildfire so I wanted a trimmer for those moments when guests are coming over and the weeds are like tall corn in Iowa in July. Like this!! Yikes! 

The Ryobi came with the 40volt battery and charger and the charging was easy. But, I still have to assemble it. 🙂

Stay tuned for a review. But first I’m heading out, or going to try to. There’s a road race today that surely has road closures and backups. But I played Polly Procratinater all week, blaming the rain for not wanting to get things done. Now I have no excuse. Well, it is misting. Does that count? 

Happy Saturday. Happy weekend. Happy spring chores. 

REVIEW: A+. Easy to assemble. No brainer actually. Lots of power. Made mincemeat of the flagstone weeds. A little loud but no stink or fumes like the old gasoline trimmer. Only thing I don’t like is there’s no on/off switch. If you squeeze the on bars it goes on even if you aren’t  ready. 

So ladies, you can do this chore. I see one of the Ryobi expand attachments is a small debris blower for getting rid of the weed detritus. We have a full fledged leaf blower but like all things gas powered, it’s a pain to start and a pain to maintain. 

Done for the day. Yay me. 

10 thoughts on “Now all I have to do is put it together. 

  1. Good choice. We have same product from Home Depot with the tiller as well. Caveat, tiller takes more power to operate so battery doesn’t last as long so if you do get tiller, you might want to invest in second battery. The quality is excellent with the Ryobi and the 40V is power enough to get things done.

    1. Why did I KNOW the video was heading that direction just by looking at Rob!? The gas trimmer we have is in RI because (a) I hated it (b) I hated even more keeping gasoline in the garage (c) it never started and (d) It got the point that I could have made that video.

  2. For eliminating those pesky weeds growing between slates on your patio, you might try spraying them with cheap vinegar, the $2 gal shoprite stuff, on a hot sunny dry day. Within a day or two they will turn dry and brown, and can be easily pulled out. Round up works immediately, yet is like agent orange. Happy Earth Day!

    1. The weeds have never been this bad. Its combination of so much rain and, right, so much rain. I normally pull the errant ones that pop up during the summer but this spring is a whole new ball game in terms of what has grown. I’ve never seen it so bad.

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