The Best Sports movie ever made? 

The VP is on his way to Australia and made a request. This: 

Hoosiers certainly is a great movie but the request by Pence has started somewhat of a Twitter storm, people submitting their vote for best sports movies.

Your turn.

20 thoughts on “The Best Sports movie ever made? 

  1. Never thought I’d agree with Jake Tapper but he’s spot on about the best sports movie.

    I’ll add Chariots of Fire. Not strictly a sports movie but the running scene and music are iconic.

        1. Damn you. My phone is soaking wet from tears. I’ve seen that story before. Lord, I tear up at the NYC Marathon when wheelchair runners go past me. I’m a total sucker for good people. (Reaching for more Kleenex)

    1. She deserves to be mocked but I’m stunned Vanity Fair went there. What’s the most mock worthy is the letter she claims she wrote To Reagan when she was five. Leaving the church at age 6 because she was anti-abortion. The stupidest was when she claimed at age three she was reading the newspaper, just like her dad.

      PS: that article had me until the last paragraph. Did you see this???

      “The Democratic Party is surprisingly cohesive these days, thanks to anti-Trump sentiment, so a Jeb-style destruction is unlikely. But never say never. If anyone could make it happen, Chelsea could”.

      1. I read it as Chelsea could destroy the ~*surprising*~ cohesiveness of the D party – since I didn’t accept the initial premise of his argument, the last part was all yada,yada,yada.

  2. Hoosiers – too long and boring besides.

    Try “Big Fan” available free on Amazon Prime. Great little low-budget indie. Short and sweet.

    1. Okay, here’s an old person question. I have Amazon Prime and am always getting notices that I have free credits for movies etc. Do you watch the movie from your laptop or do you have a doohickey in your TV?

  3. I can’t watch it on TV because, believe it or not, we still have the old tube TVs. I’m perfectly happy watching it on my iPad in bed. Small screen doesn’t bother me and with decent quality earphones the sound is surprisingly good and immersing.

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