So you just go bob-bob-bobbing along, then….


This is what’s left of a chirping red breast! Whoever got to it licked the bones dry and left only a few feathers to fashion a boa. 

It’s POURING this morning. Raining cats and dogs. Poured a ton overnight, hard enough to wake me up. The sky is as black as it was overnight which makes my outing today in the doubtful column. 

Today Mount Kisco Seafood is celebrating their 40th anniversary by rolling back prices. I’d go in a nanosecond but I suspect a huge mob will go and their parking lot is awful- impossibly small and difficult to get in and out. Add the pouring rain. I can’t even imagine. On Christmas and Thanksgiving, with cars in the hundreds, people park across the street or nearby merchants and walk to the fish market. I suspect today’s gala will be similar chaos. As much as I’d love to see what fish cost in 1977, I value my life more.

Time to start the day. Now if we could get some sunshine……please. 

Happy Friday. 

4 thoughts on “So you just go bob-bob-bobbing along, then….

  1. We have a robin relentlessly trying to build a nest over a light fixture flaking my front door. I’m happy to have it in a tree, shrub or elsewhere around the yard, just not on the house. Especially right by the front door. I’ve knocked it down twice a day for a week now. I wonder when he’ll get the idea, and choose another spot.

  2. The villain in the story above was probably a sharp-shinned hawk. They stake out our bird feeder, and we’ve seen this little drama numerous times, unfortunately. With their coloration it’s easy to look right past them.

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